Nov 1, 2011

That's a wrap!

That's me...
The haunted house is officially over and I have my weekends back now (insert exclamation here).  I don't mind the haunted house actually, but I do mind the drive to and from.  It's roughly 35mi one way for us to Dahlonega and after doing that twice a week for a little over a month, it's really put a strain on our budget.  We went out with a bang though.  Since this was our last weekend open, I decided to play a little.  On Friday (yes we were open in the pouring, freezing rain), I played a puker....I was a bum living in a storage unit, and would roll over to puke at just the right time to startle people.  I wasn't ACTUALLY puking, but to make a note....pretend puking hurts just as bad as puking, minus the horrible taste.
Last night, I got to play "baby mama".  We have a baby doll who's been airbrushed to look real, I'm talking EXTREMELY real.  I held her swaddled in a blanket and made my way in line...I actually cut in line, but none of the teenagers seemed to mind.  I got some interesting looks from people, there's no telling what was going on in their heads.  When I got about 20 people away from entering the haunted house, the security team pulls me to the side (in the middle of the line where everyone can see) and they proceed to tell me I cannot bring my baby inside the haunted house.  I kept telling them she wouldn't be a problem and that she sleeps through my vacuuming and cleaning, I'm sure a haunted house won't be any bother.  Then security motions for a police officer to come assist, both men start telling me I can't carry the baby in there, I need to leave her with a friend or relative if I plan on going through the haunted house myself.  I explained I carried my baby for 9mos so carrying her isn't a problem.  They kept edging closer to me so I dropped the baby in a nearby trash can and took off running.  Most customers laughed because they realized it was a hoax, others actually approached the cop or the ticket booth to inquire whether or not what they just saw was real.
Now now, I know you must be thinking how cruel am I?  That's not a funny joke, but was
A. It's a baby doll
B. If it were a real baby it would have been crying


  1. LoL...and working at a haunted house!! i know that i would much rather scare ppl then get scared!