Nov 18, 2011

Breaking Dawn Part 1 review (spoiler alert)

Ok I'll be done talking about this today (at least on my blog), but I have to get it off my chest and out of my system or I'll burst.
We met up with Michael & Kristin at 6 or so last night to eat a quick dinner @ Wendy's and then we headed to the theatre.  I am SO SO SO happy we did the marathon tickets prior to the midnight viewing.  There were less people in our theatre and it stayed that way the entire evening.  We didn't have to worry about being elbow to elbow with strangers or sitting on the front row breaking our necks to see the screen.
We made it just in time to see New Moon.  It was nice to reminisce certain scenes and quote the movies (yes we're that nerdy).  New Moon came and went, then Eclipse and finally it was time for Breaking Dawn Part 1.  I was hooked from start to finish.  These are just a few points I would like to comment on.
The Wedding
Absolutely gorgeous.  Everyone looked stunning, even the guests.  Being the softie I am, I cried when Bella's Mom & Dad saw her before the wedding.  I cried when Bella and Charlie walked down the isle, I continued to cry as Bella and Edward met eyes.  The entire scene was beautiful.  Believe it or not, Kristen Stewart (Bella Swan) was beautiful too.  She has a uniqueness to her, she's not the most gorgeous actress/woman I've ever seen, but she pulled off this part very well.
The Honeymoon
Perfect.  There were a few aspects of it that were left out (none that involve romance, lol), but they weren't entirely crucial.  They did a nice job keeping Bella looking pretty and there were some adorable ADORABLE expressions by Robert Pattinson (Edward Cullen) - you know the kind that make you swoon and smile and giggle.
The "problem"
I was kind of hoping they would have her calling "it" her little nudger in the movie, but they didn't.  Again that was a small detail, but something I did remember and was expecting to hear.  Edward was great at playing shocked, angry...etc.  They did (what I thought) was a great job at making Bella appear sickly/gaunt.  Even if you hadn't read the books, you would get the hint that "it" was killing her.  Rosalie of course was protective and by her side, just as expected.
They represented the wolves decently in this film.  I felt they really captured Jacob better than in any other film.  They also allowed you to see how the wolves communicate with one another as it does in the book.  His break down is really heart wrenching, but he gets something even better in the end (you know what I'm talking about if you read the books).
The birth
I'll admit, I was one of the disappointed ones who heard this scene wasn't going to be as bloody/gory as described in the book - BUT I was wrong to feel that way.  The director (Bill Condon) did an amazing job of portraying the events without all of the nasty details and do not fret, there is some blood as to be expected with any birth.
I am still in shock at how well they showed Bella before/during/after the birth.  They did an AMAZING, absolutely amazing job making her dead.  As many horror movies that I've seen in my life, this was almost disturbing.  It was believable and I couldn't have asked for more.  That part of the book was raw, powerful and very sad.
I don't want to tell you when/where/how it stops, but I cannot wait for Part II

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