Dec 31, 2012

Carried away

Over the last few days I've gone on picture overload with Persephone. I love taking pictures of her.  I got a new camera for Christmas so this is a good way to put it to work! 

By the way, these are unedited/unfiltered...bla bla bla


Such a girly girl...

Play time

Can you find me?  I'm with all of my stuffed friends!

Ok you said on the count of 3 to smile, or was it 4??
Hey look, a foot
Damnit mom, enough with the flash already
I'd rather eat my hands...

It kind of feels like I'm slipping



Dec 27, 2012

Cutie patootie

I'm sure every parent naturally believes their child/children is/are the most BEAUTIFUL.
So with that...I totally think Persephone is - duh!

Hello big eyes
I know their eyes can change at any time, but hers have been blue since day one. 
As of now there isn't a speck of brown.

Right now these floor mats are her favorite toy. 
I call them gardens because the one I got at my baby shower was
called a garden since it had flowers all over it. 
For Christmas she got two more, but she loves them!
Tell me you don't smile when you see this face and I'll call you a liar

She has the BEST facial expressions..
I think she gets those from me :)

Drool DROOL Drool

So sweet...

Christmas at Mimi's

You see this...this is my pup Hanna

We like to sit ear to ear

My Mom discovered that Persephone likes to be shirtless, and she does.
Although she doesn't mind clothes, she's just as happy with a diaper only.
If you notice she has a bracelet on her wrist and ankle.  Those are the coolest things
One of them rattles and the other makes crinkle noises!

Dec 25, 2012


I don't remember the holidays being insanely stressful as a kid. Guess that's part of being so innocent. As an adult especially now having a baby it seems you're stretched so thin.

I want us to start our own traditions now that we have Persephone, but for some reason we get caught up on who's feelings we may hurt by changing things. By the end of Christmas you feel relieved its over...

On a lighter note, I ended up with a lot of cute photos of Persephone from our visit with my mom and over the Christmas break. I'm so thankful for each and every gift we received (and the ones that Persephone received).


Dec 20, 2012

3 Months Old!

Dear sweet Persephone,

You are three months old today. I can't believe it. You are growing so fast. Every day I notice a change in you. Whether it be new facial expressions, that cute double chin, your newfound love of your hands or the way you coo, ooh and ahh with your Daddy.

I love you to pieces. I love you in a way I never knew a person could love. It's true that you don't know what its like until you have a child of your own. You are so sweet and content. To me, of course, you are perfect!

Back on 11/28 you weighed 11lbs 4oz, so I imagine now you're probably close to 12lbs. You recently discovered your hands and are constantly holding them, sucking on your fingers (or occasionally trying to fit your fist in your mouth). You recognize Mommy and Daddy. You like to watch TV. You are holding your head up, still a little wobbly at times, but you have control. You are starting to pull yourself forward when you're sitting upright. You finally have interest in your play garden and enjoy kicking and punching the toys that dangle above you. You laugh and oooo and aaahh. You have the cutest fuss, and we can't help but laugh when you do it. You're sleeping between 6 - 7.5hrs through the night. You're eating anywhere from 4-5oz 5 to 6 times a day. You are my sunshine :)


Dec 12, 2012

Christmas card out takes

With any photo shoot you always end up with out takes.

Here are some of Persephone's

Can you guess which one is my personal favorite? I'll give you a involves a BIRD! Bahahahaha