Dec 5, 2012

What's been going on

Persephone is doing great. We seem to have a routine for the most part, nothing I forced on her, because I myself have trouble with routines....but it sort of just fell into place on its own.

She's still on 4.5oz every 3hrs and lately at night after her last feeding she'll go 5, sometimes 6 hrs before waking.

I still have her in a bassinet next to my bed. I don't guess I'll move her until its necessary. It's convenient having her right there in the middle of the night when I have to change and feed her.

The standard is that Hardy feeds her the last bottle before we go to bed and then I get up for the middle of the night feed (I must say getting up in the middle of the night has no negative effect on me anymore....crazy!). Then he'll feed her when she wakes up again which is usually after he's gotten ready for work.

My brother seems to be doing really well with her. I don't know if I ever posted on that or not, but my older brother volunteered to be our "daycare" prior to her arrival and I was more than happy to use him. I'm not sure how anyone affords daycare, so this is a huge help. He only lives about 15mins from us, so he comes over every day and cares for her in our house.

When she was still in newborn diapers I preferred Luvs to any other diaper we were given at our showers. They were thicker and seemed to have a closer fit. Since then we've tried Huggies, Pampers, Target brand and most recently Babies R Us Brand. For me personally I don't like the smell of Pampers, but there's nothing wrong with the absorbency itself. Huggies are my favorite, they're thicker and fit closer to her now that she's gotten a little meat on her legs. It appears Publix and Babies R Us are practically the same diaper....thinner and they feel like paper. My biggest dislike about store brand aside from the fact they aren't soft is that they don't have the indicator line to tell you there's a dirty diaper. Guess you could say Huggies and Pampers spoiled us...

She's laughing, smiling and cooing a lot more every day and its so sweet. Going back to work hasn't been nearly as hard as I expected and I think I have my brother to thank for that. He sends me pictures,, videos and updates though out the day so it's like I never really left.

I'm about to hit 900 photos on my iPhone...wonder how many it will hold?? Haha

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