Jun 28, 2010


Dear summertime,

I don't mind semi-warm weather but you're taking this year a bit too far.  Summer officially started June 22nd but for some reason you've had us in the 90's for almost two weeks before that AND without very much rain.  Not only do the wild animals/plants/grass/tree's need water...I need the rain to cool this place off.  I'm tired of cranking my car a few minutes before leaving work just so I can hold the steering wheel.  Every thing I touch is scorching!!!


Your not-so-big-fan

P.S. I hate sweat whether it be on me or seeing it on someone else.

Jun 22, 2010

Ohhh sweet Tinker Bell

So if you can't tell from some of my photo's, we have two kids (ok ok ok they're cats but just as much as kids as a human kid).  Anyway - Tinker Bell is quite the 'plus sized' cat...guess you could say she takes after her mommy.  Every summer when she starts shed her winter coat she always ends up getting dandruff and these little clumps of hair where she can't reach her back to groom herself.  For several days now we have been putting fixing this problem because she's always a screamer "meow" when we take her into the bathroom and close the door.  We have to keep Flower away from her because he always tries to bite her when we're working with her (like telling her to behave for mommy and daddy).

Tonight, I am so proud of her.  She didn't whine or try to run away at all, she just sat there and let us do our job, like she knew we were helping get these painful clumps off her back.  After all the shaving/clipping we decided it was best to give her a bath to try and get all the dandruff and loose hairs off, she hid behind her foodbowl at first - - as if it has a secret forcefield around it to keep mommy from grabbing her but was a champ all the way through the bath.

Now she looks like a cat who got in a fight with a blender, but she's feeling much better!!!

Jun 21, 2010

Still remembering...only now it's my childhood

Plastic lunchboxes - I thought I was so cool when I brought my lunch from school
Jellies - you know those plastic shoes that came in multiple colors but always made your feet stink?
Huffy bike - yea...mine was purple
Scrunchies - ohh yea, the softest way to put your hair in a ponytail
Windsuits - I always wanted the BRIGHT obnoxious ones
Perms - yep...I got one once because I thought my mom was so pretty...well it never worked well on shorter hair
Lego's - oh yea, I had my own set of PINK/PURPLE lego's
Puppy Surprise - yea the stuffed animal who SURPRISED you with a certain number of puppies
Littlest Pet Shoppe - the ORIGINAL little ones
Polly Pocket - yet again..the original little ones

All That - the original
Are You Afraid of the Dark
Eureka's Castle
David the Gnome
The Koala Bear Show
Clarissa Explains It All
Pete & Pete

Ace of Base
Spice Girls

SCREAM 1, 2 and 3
The Neverending Story
The Dark Crystal
Interview With The Vampire
(Ok so I guess any horror movie, thank you Mom & Dad for subjecting us to those at such a young age so we would grow to NOT be afraid and LOVE the adrenaline of being spooked)

**This could go on forever...but I'll stop here for now

Jun 11, 2010

I can remember..

Last night out of nowhere I started thinking back a looooooooooong time ago to when Hardy and I first met.  It was Friday March 31, 2000 - - I was at the Masquerade with some friends to see Tommy Lee's band Methods of Mayhem.  While we were outside waiting for the doors to open I saw this guy walk by with some friends...I'll tell ya, I had my eye on him constantly from that first time I saw him.

So the doors open - - the crowd all rushes up the stairs and gathers around the stage, we stand there through some opening bands and finally before Methods of Mayhem comes on I grow the courage to turn around and ask him what his name is...where he's from...etc.  Thank goodness the house lights were down because I knew my cheeks were on fire.  After only 10mins of 'knowing' one another he was holding my hand - - isn't it weird how people act?!?  I mean I don't know it just seems so cheesy sometimes but I went along with it.  As Methods of Mayhem started to play I realized the crowd was getting TOO crazy for comfort, so my friends and I went to stand at the back and waited for the show to be over.  Before walking out of the crowd Hardy said he'd meet me at the stairs when it was over - of course I didn't really believe him...he was a stranger, I had never had a boyfriend before and NO GUYS showed any interest in liking me in the first place.

Well sure enough...when it was over we found each other on the stairs and walked out to the parking lot together.  His Dad (who's now my father-in-law) had driven Hardy and his friends to the concert was waiting in the car - - we exchanged numbers and then he KISSED ME!!  He kissed me right there in front of my friends and his friends....uhhh and his Dad. I wasn't sure what had just happened (it was my first kiss).  The next day I told my mom all about this cute guy I'd met at the concert and how I hoped he would call , bla bla bla.  I was spending the day with my friend and had plans to spend the night with her but my mom called me around 9pm and said the boy I met had called me.  AHHHHH I ran home and called him back immediately.  I don't exactly know what we talked about but somehow managed to stay on the phone until 2am.

Sooooooooooooooooooooooooo 10yrs later...here we are MARRIED and happier than ever.  I of course always knew it was love at first sight.  Even though I'd never had a boyfriend or been in love with anyone (ok ok other than Taylor Hanson) I just knew.  I'm glad my loyalty paid off.  Throughout the first couple of years my family would always say I needed to play the field and date other people that you never stay with your 'first' anyway.  I'm glad I never listened to them.  We've had plenty of ups and downs (lots of downs, lol) but it's been a learning process.  I love Hardy with all my heart and soul and would never change a thing.

The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner

If I didn't have a full-time job I would have read this in less than two days....but I didn't.  It's a 178 page novella about Bree Tanner (one of the newborn vampire's in Victoria's army from Eclipse).  It's basically a week or so in the 'life of' Bree. -How the newborns act, what they do and don't know about being a vampire, their fears...etc all up to the point where she dies (as she does in Eclipse).

I certainly agree that the book should be read prior to seeing Eclipse because it helps give you a different aspect of the story.  I kind of took a liking to Bree and some of the other characters from this book...I was sad to 'read' her death.

Jun 10, 2010

Is this what REAL LIFE is supposed to feel like? If so...I prefer fantasyland

Hardy and I purchased our first home July 23, 2009 in the lovely city of Flowery Branch.  A new construction townhome - 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath with 1 car garage for the great price, $114,900 - couldn't pass up such a good deal. 

I knew and expected the property taxes to increase in 2010 once an actual dwelling was on the lot but did not expect THIS:  In April 2010 we received the Hall County tax assessment - - claiming the property was a whopping $152,741.  Our home was officially appraised at closing for $115k.  At first I didn't know what to do with this assessment - - of course I disagreed that the house was WORTH that much since we didn't even pay that much for it and the appraisal wasn't for that much.  At any rate, I put it away in my 'house drawer'.

This week we were on our patio reading and our neighbor came to talk for a little bit, he mentioned he had appealed his assessment because they had over-assessed his unit (would make sense since our townhomes are all in the same 4 house dwelling), he said they had not contacted him yet on the re-evaluation of the assessment.  This got me thinking....so I decided I would find the paperwork again and appeal ours as well.  To my dismay, the deadline for appeals was May 21, 2010.  I thought I would call just to see if I had any other options and was told I didn't....the DEADLINE is nice and bold on the letters and if you do not appeal before then you lose your chance to appeal.
So starting July 23, 2010 our mortgage payment is going to increase to allow Escrow the cushion of a home assessed at $152,741.  I AM OUTRAGED!!  I guess I might look into bankrupcty now...::sigh::  I thought the worst was over but it appears it's only just begun.

Jun 8, 2010

Thinking of a new addition

When we returned from our honeymoon, our little prince (he's actually 5 but still a baby to us) Flower was acting so strange....like he never thought we would return.

We've been on several vacations over the years, numerous ones even.  They've never acted strange afterward, obviously happy we returned but never distraught. This time was a little different, I usually have a co-worker stay at the house the entire time we're gone so they have pretty much the same human contact and interaction as when we're home but this time I had two of my bestest pals stop in every other day or so to make sure they were doing ok and change out the litter box.  I don't know if the loss of human contact made a difference or not but Flower has been acting out.  Constantly following us to the door (almost trying to get out into the garage with me, something he's NEVER done), excessive meowing..following us around the house period.  Strange new traits. 

I've been doing some research online - I know it can be dangerous but I can't help myself.  Google is just so entertaining.  Anyway, I began researching seperation anxiety in cats and discovered Flower was showing many signs/symptoms of this.  Of course most websites say to re-train your cat to a routine that doesn't involve them getting anxious when we leave or overly excited when we return.  We've been leaving the tv on Animal Planet when we leave the house (as if he even watches it) but we read that background noise helps them feel 'less alone'.  Some even said getting another cat to keep it company could help.  We already have Tinker Bell (aka Stinker Bell/Tink/Fat Cat/Tinker Bing), she was the first member of our little family.

But obviously she's too lazy to keep Flower company 24/7

So, thinking of a new addition NO no no...not a kid. 

But a kitten.  In fact, I've already picked his name - Dio (named after the late metal rocker Ronnie James Dio - Hardy and I love music so much, especially that of the rock genre so it only felt right to name a newbie after a recently deceased member of the rock world to sort of let his name, live on).

My soon-to-be sister in law's grandma (mouthfull huh?) had a nice stray cat take up residency at her house a couple of months ago and bless her with 5 kittens.  All of them have homes to go to once they're old enough/big enough which is really any day now.  I decided that possibly adding a new play pal to our happy family would ease some of Flower's anxiety when we're gone...a new toy in a weird way.

We'll see...we're not bringing him home until he's got all of his shots and has been fixed.

Jun 7, 2010

The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner, Eclipse + Alice in Wonderland

I pre-ordered The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner from Amazon because it was cheaper and I had a $5 off coupon...but of course the con of ordering and NOT paying extra for express shipping is that I have to wait for it.  I've already had several friends finish the book over the weekend ::cries::.  It will be here soon enough I hope.  I saw Stephenie Meyer is suggesting her fans read this novella before seeing Eclipse so we can have thoughts/images in our heads of the perspective of a new born vampire. 

I'm almost finished re-reading Breaking Dawn now though, 470 pages in or so.

Eclipse Movie and Breaking Dawn

On my lunch break today, I drove ALL THE WAY to Hamilton Mill's theater to buy my movie tickets for June 29th.  I am doing the triple feature (Twilight/New Moon combo) which starts at 7:15pm and then we get to stay in the same theater for Eclipse at midnight.  It was only $18.50 for all three, I couldn't believe what a great price that was (or as some people would say....a great way to waste money).  I agree, movies are ridiculously priced these days, hell I could have bought a blu ray with $18.50 or if I'd been a wise shopper and gone to Movie Stop I would have gotten a couple of movies for that price - - but you know what, the world is so crazy these days if reading a book series or seeing a movie keeps me happy and sane, who cares?!?

Alice in Wonderland...

If you are Disney Movie Rewards member AND you plan on buying the Blu ray/DVD combo you can save $10.  Click here http://www.disneymovierewards.go.com/promotions/special-offers/alice-coupon?cmp=dmov_dmr_url_alice-coupon_print and log into your DMR account to print the coupon.  I redeemed mine today @ lunch at Wal-Mart.

This is what the Blu ray/DVD combo pack cover looks like

Jun 4, 2010

Shame on you Kristen Stewart...but thank you for apologizing

In a recent interview with Elle magazine Kristen described paparrazi pictures of herself to those of a woman being raped.  Apparently she's gotten enough smack about it though because now she's apologized to PEOPLE magazine.

"I really made an enormous mistake – clearly and obviously," Stewart, tells PEOPLE exclusively. "And I'm really sorry about my choice of words."  "'Violated' definitely would have been a better way of expressing the thought," she notes.

In fact, the issue of violence against women is one that has been close to Stewart since playing a victim of rape in the 2004 Lifetime film Speak. She has done public service announcements for the advocacy group RAINN and SOC.

The irony of the situation in which Stewart now finds herself is not lost on the actress. "People thinking that I'm insensitive about this subject rips my guts out. I made a big mistake."

No words...

Sending thoughts and prayers of deepest sympathy to the Copponex family.  Words cannot express the sadness I am feeling for you.  Know that God is watching over you all while caring for Tripp. 

Psalm 34:18

The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit

Jun 3, 2010

We're finally married!!!

Yay Yay Yay

May 8, 2010 I was blessed to finally marry my first and only love Hardy :)   I haven't really been able to stop smiling since then.  Even though we've been together 10yrs, knowing we're "official" kind of takes our relationship to an entirely different level.  More than having my new last name or even rings on MY finger, I'm most pleased seeing a ring on his finger.  Sounds kind of silly but since he's never been one to really wear jewelry, it's a new thing all around.

Thursday May 7, my mom, stepdad and younger brother came in to town to start prepping the food and decorations.  Friday we did nothing but wash vegetables, slice fruit, make dips..etc.  Our wedding day couldn't have been more perfect. 

I went to get my hair done at 10am with my dear friend Tabitha...wasn't sure what to expect but Carol (@ Salon 4514 in Gainesville) did an amazing job.

I didn't even know my hair could curl like this

I got to the Marina at about 12:15 or so, went straight to doing make-up with my bestie from South Effingham, Stacy (thanks girl, you made me look beautiful!)

When I finally realized what time it was, every thing began to rush.  Getting my dress on, garter on, necklace and earrings on...all of that seemed to fly by.  15 minutes until the ceremony I just knew I was going to be sick.  More than anything I was nervous about standing in front of all these people, even though they were friends and family somehow I was getting embarassed about it all.  I felt like I was in 5th grade getting ready to present a project or something. 

I walked down the isle to Bella's Lullaby by Carter Burwell from the Twilight soundtrack, such a beautiful song and of course...related to the most romantic book/movie series (in my opinion).  When my Dad and I started to walk down the isle I had to keep my head straight because when I tried to look at people I felt tears coming on.

We did a sand ceremony instead of a unity candle.  Because we would be outside I didn't want to worry with a flame blowing out and I really liked the meaning of the sand ceremony.  During this ceremony we had The Meadow by Alexandre Desplat from the New Moon soundtrack playing.

When we were FINALLY presented as Mr. & Mrs. Hardy Jones I was so relieved!!  We walked back to Top of The World by Van Halen (you can't have a wedding with Hardy and not expect some rock song to play).

Some people probably got aggravated at how many photo's we were taking but I cannot thank our photographer Tracie Manders enough for her time/dedication to our wedding.  Her rates are extremely affordable and she's so thorough.  Here are just a few that she's edited:

There were SOME stressful situations but overall it was wonderful.  The food was great, the weather was perfect and I enjoyed seeing some old friends and family that I haven't seen in quite some time.  The day almost seems like a blur now, the ceremony happened so fast and we took so many photo's I can barely remember anything. 

I LOVE being married ;)