Dec 18, 2013


Today a few co-workers and I started talking about old toys we played with as kids.  We went crazy on Google Images trying to find photos of some of our forgotten favorites.  Here are a few of mine!

Magic Nursery Dolls
You could get a baby

or a pet!

You would I think wet their hospital gown under warm water and it would unveil a plastic package with their clothes inside.  So clever.

The ORIGINAL Polly Pocket
(back when she was a legit chocking hazard)
 My awesome mom (have I mentioned that before) saved many of our favorite childhood items and over the recent years gave them to my brother and I to hang on to.  She saved ALL of my Polly Pockets (even though this photo isn't my collection, but it's similar).

My First Sony

I wore this tape player/recorder OUT.  I could sing along to tapes or record my own radio show - it was the best.  I have no idea where it is now, probably was thrown away some years ago.  Last I remember seeing it, the door was off :(

Puppy Surprise!
 Another amazingly awesome toy.  I had the black/white dog with three pups.

Playskool Dollhouse
This was my ALL TIME most played with toy I believe.  
When I got tired of using the plastic family, I moved in a plethora of plastic animal toys instead. 

Lil Miss Mermaid
She sang underwater, it was the neatest thing!  
I think they actually knocked off The Little Mermaid, because her 
song sounded just like Ariel.

The ORIGINAL Littlest Pet Shop
I had a bunch of these, but I actually still have all of the animals
included in this photo.

I now realize I got this toy only because it was popular.
My tamagotchi died all.the.time.

Skip it
I don't remember my highest skip count, but looking back
it kind of felt like a kid version of a ball and chain.

Wanted one because of Home Alone 2, but didn't want it bad enough.

God these things were/are hideous.  Why were they such a hit?

I don't know if I actually had one of these when I was younger.  
But my baby blanket (which I still have) has Popples on it.  
I think Hardy's mom got me one for Christmas one year in like 2004?!  haha.

Toby Terrier
He was a lot similar to Teddy Ruxpin? 
Only he was a dog and you aimed him at the TV while playing
one of his VHS tapes.  He would respond by barking, growling and
wagging his tail.

Barbie Corvette
I totes magoats loved this car.
I even tried riding in it when I was too big for it, but it still served a purpose.

So tell me friends...did you have/play with any of these gems?
What were your favorite childhood toys?

Oct 25, 2013

Carving pumpkins

Last night I decided it was time to carve our pumpkins from Kinsey Family Farm.  I wasn't going to waste any money on a stencil, so Hardy and I just free handed them.

To begin with Persephone was having fun.  She even helped us put the seeds in a bowl so we could bake them later.  Eventually she became fussy (cutting tooth #2) and I had to finish the pumpkins while Hardy kept her company.

The bigger pumpkin was only $11 and the smaller was $3 at the farm - I thought not too shabby for as perfectly shaped they were.

Notice the giant butcher knife just a foot away from the baby....we're trying to teach her young about horror movie weapons ha ha ha.

My pumpkin was supposed to be your average jack-o-lantern and while I was trying to shave off some excess around the nose I butchered pun intended.  So now my poor pumpkin has a ginormous nose.

Hardy opted to give his pumpkin spiked teeth....not too bad actually.

Oct 23, 2013

Kinsey Family Farm

Saturday October 12th our friends Susan and Jason tagged along with us to The Kinsey Family Farm in Gainesville, GA.  It's FREE to visit and on beautiful land.  I had never been there, but seen pictures from friends and thought it would be fun.  They had a few animals you could feed/pet (3 cows, geese, a horse and I think a mini horse or pony...what's the difference??).  Persephone wasn't interested in the goats so much or the cows, I think because they kept mooooing.  But when Hardy put her on the ground she walked right up to the fence where the pony was. 

I wish we had bought some food before going over there because once the animals figured out we didn't have any treats they were over us.  Ha ha.  I think this will certainly be a tradition each year.

We did manage to find three pumpkins to our liking and let Persephone pick a little $0.50 one too.  I think we'll definitely visit the farm again.  We elected not to do the hayride because she was sleepy and I knew she wouldn't sit still long enough.

Oct 22, 2013

Living Dead Girl

For any of you who don't know - I love Halloween, I love horror movies and most importantly I LOVE haunted houses!
My parents always let us watch scary movies growing up and instead of getting scared and having nightmares, my older brother and I turned into movie fanatics.  I can't remember how old I was when I went to my first haunted house, but I'm sure I was still in elementary school.
From 2008 - 2012 I volunteered for Rot N. Rusty's haunted house in Dahlonega. 
My first year I was a zombie.
My second year I was an insane nurse.
My third year I was a gypsy.
My fourth year I actually took tickets at the door.
My fifth year, I had Persephone so even though I wasn't there physically I helped with marketing/advertising through the web.
This year Rot N. Rusty's is on hiatus and I totally miss it.  I miss scaring people, I miss seeing the reactions you get from patrons walking through, I miss the friends we made over the years...I miss it all.  My good friend Caren signed up to work at Netherworld every Saturday through the haunt season and last weekend she finally talked me into tagging along.  So on Saturday October 12th I nervously rode with her to Netherworld.  I have no idea why I was so anxious, being surrounded by people I didn't know?  Worried about the part I would play?
Turns out the anxiety was for nothing.  Every one there was so nice and helpful.  They ended up putting Caren and I in the same room inside the haunted house so we could play off of each other's character.  They were so organized with costumes/props/make-up/masks..etc.  In fact, I was airbrushed by Ron who was featured on a couple of seasons of Face/Off on Syfy.
I was happy to be inside -vs- outside because I feel like you have more action inside..but it was HOT AS HELL.  No joke, I don't think I've sweat that much in a very long time.  In fact I had my cell phone in my sports bra and I ended up hiding it somewhere inside the room because it was getting to wet...gross.  We opened right around 7:15pm and didn't leave until 1:45am!  I thought the night was never going to end....I was having fun, but was so hot and tired, did I mention hot?  I love seeing the reactions of people coming through.  Sometimes it's so hard not to laugh at them.  I didn't get to go through the haunted house so I have no idea what the rest of the place even looks like.  I plan on volunteering again Saturday October 28th and I'm sure with Halloween being just around the corner, that night will be even longer!

Oct 21, 2013

Visiting Alabama

The weekend of October 4th we drove over to Birmingham to visit my mom, stepdad and younger brother Trevor.  We had a great visit and Persephone got to try her hand at finger painting again.  She wanted to eat it instead...thank goodness the label said NON TOXIC, right?

I'm so thankful she's not afraid of water.  It gives me hope that we'll know how to entertain her the older she gets haha. 

Oct 17, 2013

Persephone is ONE!

Ok so this post is nearly 1 month late.

Let me start by saying I truly cannot believe how quickly time passed.  It feels like just yesterday I was pregnant and would be having her soon, now she's almost 13mos old.  What the crap?!  Now I understand why everyone always says "cherish every moment".

On Sunday 9/22 we had Persephone's 1st Birthday Party.  I rented out the Oakwood Community Center from the YMCA and it was the perfect location.  You could sit indoors or out, they had tables/chairs/kitchen/bathroom and most importantly A/C.  My friends Tabitha, Madison and Darlene helped me set things up before the party. She walked into her own party with her Daddy.  I had a co-worker embroider a onesie with her name on it and another co-worker had a tutu made for her.  At first she wasn't sure why all these people were standing around, staring, poking and prodding her but eventually she warmed up.

We served hot dogs with some fixin's and chips w/ dip.  For dessert I enlisted the services of Amazing Grace's Sweet Tweets for some delicious red velvet/cream cheese Minnie themed cupcakes.

Valerie made this adorable cute smash cake to match!  Persephone LOVED her cake, like seriously devoured most of it.  She didn't just smash it, she consumed it.

After the cake I had about 45mins to clean up and clear out, so I elected to take the gifts home and open them later.  She got such an abundance of clothes (which we needed for fall/winter) as well as some pretty cute toys.  I was so happy with the turn out we received from friends and family - THANK YOU EVERYONE.

On to the fun stuff...

She started WALKING without assistance at about 10 1/2 - 11mos.

She FINALLY got her very 1st tooth the week of Sept 23-27.

She has been completely weaned from formula since about Sept 16th.  We're giving her about 16oz a day of organic whole milk (either Publix Greenwise or Horizon brand). 

She can now drink from a straw by herself.