Oct 22, 2013

Living Dead Girl

For any of you who don't know - I love Halloween, I love horror movies and most importantly I LOVE haunted houses!
My parents always let us watch scary movies growing up and instead of getting scared and having nightmares, my older brother and I turned into movie fanatics.  I can't remember how old I was when I went to my first haunted house, but I'm sure I was still in elementary school.
From 2008 - 2012 I volunteered for Rot N. Rusty's haunted house in Dahlonega. 
My first year I was a zombie.
My second year I was an insane nurse.
My third year I was a gypsy.
My fourth year I actually took tickets at the door.
My fifth year, I had Persephone so even though I wasn't there physically I helped with marketing/advertising through the web.
This year Rot N. Rusty's is on hiatus and I totally miss it.  I miss scaring people, I miss seeing the reactions you get from patrons walking through, I miss the friends we made over the years...I miss it all.  My good friend Caren signed up to work at Netherworld every Saturday through the haunt season and last weekend she finally talked me into tagging along.  So on Saturday October 12th I nervously rode with her to Netherworld.  I have no idea why I was so anxious, being surrounded by people I didn't know?  Worried about the part I would play?
Turns out the anxiety was for nothing.  Every one there was so nice and helpful.  They ended up putting Caren and I in the same room inside the haunted house so we could play off of each other's character.  They were so organized with costumes/props/make-up/masks..etc.  In fact, I was airbrushed by Ron who was featured on a couple of seasons of Face/Off on Syfy.
I was happy to be inside -vs- outside because I feel like you have more action inside..but it was HOT AS HELL.  No joke, I don't think I've sweat that much in a very long time.  In fact I had my cell phone in my sports bra and I ended up hiding it somewhere inside the room because it was getting to wet...gross.  We opened right around 7:15pm and didn't leave until 1:45am!  I thought the night was never going to end....I was having fun, but was so hot and tired, did I mention hot?  I love seeing the reactions of people coming through.  Sometimes it's so hard not to laugh at them.  I didn't get to go through the haunted house so I have no idea what the rest of the place even looks like.  I plan on volunteering again Saturday October 28th and I'm sure with Halloween being just around the corner, that night will be even longer!

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