Oct 17, 2013

Persephone is ONE!

Ok so this post is nearly 1 month late.

Let me start by saying I truly cannot believe how quickly time passed.  It feels like just yesterday I was pregnant and would be having her soon, now she's almost 13mos old.  What the crap?!  Now I understand why everyone always says "cherish every moment".

On Sunday 9/22 we had Persephone's 1st Birthday Party.  I rented out the Oakwood Community Center from the YMCA and it was the perfect location.  You could sit indoors or out, they had tables/chairs/kitchen/bathroom and most importantly A/C.  My friends Tabitha, Madison and Darlene helped me set things up before the party. She walked into her own party with her Daddy.  I had a co-worker embroider a onesie with her name on it and another co-worker had a tutu made for her.  At first she wasn't sure why all these people were standing around, staring, poking and prodding her but eventually she warmed up.

We served hot dogs with some fixin's and chips w/ dip.  For dessert I enlisted the services of Amazing Grace's Sweet Tweets for some delicious red velvet/cream cheese Minnie themed cupcakes.

Valerie made this adorable cute smash cake to match!  Persephone LOVED her cake, like seriously devoured most of it.  She didn't just smash it, she consumed it.

After the cake I had about 45mins to clean up and clear out, so I elected to take the gifts home and open them later.  She got such an abundance of clothes (which we needed for fall/winter) as well as some pretty cute toys.  I was so happy with the turn out we received from friends and family - THANK YOU EVERYONE.

On to the fun stuff...

She started WALKING without assistance at about 10 1/2 - 11mos.

She FINALLY got her very 1st tooth the week of Sept 23-27.

She has been completely weaned from formula since about Sept 16th.  We're giving her about 16oz a day of organic whole milk (either Publix Greenwise or Horizon brand). 

She can now drink from a straw by herself.

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