Aug 23, 2013

11 months old!

On Wednesday August 21st Persephone turned 11 months old!


Still eating 7-7.25oz about 4 times a day.  Each morning we alternate yogurt and oatmeal for breakfast.  We still offer her the foods that we eat, but she started playing with it more and making a mess instead of eating.  So we're also giving her the small Gerber meals (mac n cheese, spaghetti, chicken and pasta...etc and she loves them).  One thing I noticed is almost all of the Gerber "toddler food" is pasta.  Do you think they do that to keep the babies full?  I mean don't get me wrong, I love me some pasta, but still curious.

-Motor skills-

Our little girl is WALKING!  We've been working with her every morning and evening letting her walk back and forth between us.  She's gotten brave enough to step away from the couch and go to the chair or go for a toy.  I'm so proud of her and excited, but our parents have been warning us when she does begin to full on walk, we'll be wishing she was still a crawler.  Speaking of crawling...between 10-11mos she officially started crawling up on her knees.  She also LOVES to dance!

Nini (which is what we call her pacifier)
Olie olie
Dickle...yea its just a sound shes making and we just pretend its tickle
Kitty Kitty
--She slaps herself in the mouth and says "oh oh oh" like an Indian.

-Play time-

She has no issues with independent play.  Sometimes in the evenings she'll find a toy, book or misc object and play with it by herself.  Hardy made the mistake of downloading a Fisher Price app on his phone though so now anytime she see's us with our phone she immediately reaches for it. One night I was on FaceTime with my mom and Persephone was in her own little world and no matter how many times we said her name or "Hey" she ignored us.

Amazing little sleeper.  Usually goes down for the night between 8:30-9:30pm and sleeps until 6:20-7:00am.


 Persephone with Persephone!!


With Lady (which was Hardy's when he was little)