Jun 29, 2012

26 Weeks!

Pregnancy Highlights
How far along? 26 Weeks, only 2 weeks left in the second trimester....wowsa
Size of the baby?  Just under 2lbs, roughly 14" long - aka an English Hothouse Cucumber (ha, it actually compared it to one of my favorite foods this time).  Hard to believe she's this long and crammed into my belly.
Maternity clothes? Nothing but!
Stretch marks? No new ones!
Weight gained: 2lbs
Sleep: Still good
Best moment this/last week: Finding that cute Winnie the Pooh framed pin set for only $3.50
Movement: It's amazing to watch my tummy bounce, I love being able to see her and feel her, makes it all REAL.  Friends/co-workers keep asking me to let them feel her move, but unless they're at home with me from 7:30-10:00pm or 7:00am most of her daytime movements are too subtle to feel from the outside.
Food cravings: None really, although I did wake up yesterday morning starving, it felt like my stomach had been empty for days.
Gender/Names: GIRL! Persephone Layne Jones!
Labor Signs: None
Belly Button in or out? In and I hope it stays that way.  I've always been weird about outtie belly buttons, just don't like em!
Wedding rings on or off? On, but I'm sure with these Hell like temperatures we're experiencing that won't last long.
What I miss: Nothing, I'm pretty happy.
What I am looking forward toSwimming this weekend, I'm confident the pool will feel like a personal sauna since it's been so hot lately.  Getting her nursery in order and of course KISS & Mötley Crüe July 24th!

Jun 27, 2012

You know what they say

One mans trash is another mans treasure...
I don't ALWAYS have good luck when it comes to finding deals at Goodwill, let alone the clearance rack at regular department stores.  Either I just don't have the eye for shopping, or I don't take the time to look through stuff.  Either way, this past weekend we did pretty good, I think.  We had to get Hardy's oil changed Saturday, so since we were already in Buford, we headed over to Kid to Kid across from the mall.  If you haven't been in there - definitely check it out.  They have gently used clothing for babies and up (including maternity), some stuff has never been worn.  They also carry gently used toys and miscellaneous items one would need for a baby (strollers, car seats, boppy pillows, bassinet, cribs, bouncers..the list goes on).  Like the clothing, there are also several things never been open/used like pacifiers, teething rings, bottles, you get the point. 
We ended up finding an AWESOME deal - a limited edition Classic Winnie the Pooh framed pin set, with the official Walt Disney seal on the back and certificate of authenticity, it's also numbered 1660/2500.  We aren't really using Winnie the Pooh in the nursery, but for $3.50 I could NOT let it pass me by.  When we got home I tried Googling it and found it listed on eBay.com for $299 - whoa.  Hell I might use it in my own room or another area of the house.  Persephone's room is definitely going to be Disney themed, but not in the traditional way...regardless I know it will look awesome when we finish (of course we have to start first, ha ha).  I was so excited to find this, it's a neat collectible and hard to believe someone just gave it up!
Monday Hardy's mom and sister were out gallivanting again and found a changing table at Goodwill in great condition for only $25.00.  It doesn't exactly match the color of the wood of the crib, but all of that can be easily fixed - another score!
Our niece Chelsea, who had her little boy a year ago gave us the bassinet Hardy's parents had bought for her, so we also have that to use as well.  Hey the less money we have to spend out of pocket, the better :)  as long as it's in working condition and clean, I have no problem with hand-me-downs.  After we got it out of the car, we sat it in the living room and well, it didn't take long for Tinker Bell to claim it as her own.  I only let that happen once, although I think it's adorable, I don't want cat hair all over the baby stuff (even though some is inevitable) and my Mom made a good point that if I let the cats get used to playing/sleeping on Persephone's things, when she's actually here and I try to keep them off, it'll hurt their feelings. 

Jun 22, 2012

25 Weeks!!

Pregnancy Highlights
How far along? 25 Weeks, only 15 to go!
Size of the baby? A rutabaga...have you ever eaten one of these?  I haven't.
Maternity clothes? Every day
Stretch marks? None
Weight gained: 2lbs total
Sleep: Still pretty good, but I wake up/toss and turn a lot
Best moment this/last week:  Last Saturday we went to Wild Bill's to see Jackyl (a southern rock band from Kennesaw, but they're also featured on the TruTV show Full Throttle Saloon) and it was a lot of fun even though I did snag a stool to sit on before the night was over.  My sister-in-law and I were lucky enough to witness a Johnny Depp look-a-like and that was a good laugh.  Also, I didn't think I would "like" the attention, but it's cute to see people react to a pregnant belly, it's like an automatic smile generator.
Movement: Very frequent!  Especially from 8-10pm...Hardy's guaranteed to feel something during that time frame :)
Food cravings: Ehh...nothing to name really.  Although I was starving when we went to the grocery store on Monday and somehow a package of Oreo's got in our buggy, they sure are delicious with ice cold milk!
Gender/Names: GIRL! Persephone Layne Jones!
Labor Signs: None
Belly Button in or out? Innie
Wedding rings on or off? On
What I missEven though I'm sleeping decent, I really do miss sleeping completely on my stomach and back.  Of course, now Disney-fever is bad.  One of our cousins (on Hardy's side) is getting married next year and is asking a ton of questions about Disney for her honeymoon...makes me miss it even more.  Almost all our friends have recently made trips to the beach and I am really wishing I could go!
What I am looking forward toMy daily email from What to Expect says sometimes this far along if it's quiet Daddy may be able to hear the heartbeat if he puts his ear to your stomach.  I want Hardy to give that a try!  My next appointment is July 12th, I've actually switched practices so from this appointment on I'll be seeing a different set of doctors.  Although I'm doing the 1hr glucose test this next visit and NOT looking forward to it, I will be happy to hear her heartbeat again!  After that appointment, I'll start going every 2 weeks - - WHERE IN THE WORLD HAS THE TIME GONE????

Interesting bit of info

A long time ago when I was still in high school I caught an 80's movie on TV called Some Kind of Wonderful, starring Lea Thompson (best known for playing Marty McFly's mom in Back to The Future), Mary Stuart Masterson (best known for Fried Green Tomatoes).

It was about a guy who loved this really popular girl and although he was on the poorer side he saved his college fund to ask her out on a really special date - when all along he was really in love with his best friend who was a girl. If you love 80's movies anyway you should check it out ;)

The craziest part of the movie was that Lea Thompson's character was Amanda Jones and to start the movie off she was dating an a-hole football player named Hardy Jenns.

Now are you thinking the same thing I am?! How weird!!! Hardy is such an uncommon first name, not only was it used in a movie, but the girlfriends name was Amanda Jones! Ha I remember telling my mom it was the weirdest thing. What was even crazier is that at the time I saw this movie, Hardy and I were taking a break if you wanna call it that and I had gone on a couple of dates with Keith Stevens...to add more weirdness, the "poor" guy from the movie who had a thing for Amanda Jones was named Keith. Obviously none of us were anything like the characters from the movie, but I thought the name link was insane.

Now entering The Twilight Zone...

Jun 20, 2012

Sister love

Today after we got home from work we both plopped on the couch for some R&R. Not long after I had a pal join me. She used my belly as a pillow...I like to believe she was just trying to get close to Persephone :) after dinner I changed into my PJ's and she returned!!

Gotta love cuddly pets

Jun 19, 2012

So much to do in so little time

Assuming I'll go full term, I literally have 15 weeks left (as of this coming Saturday).  I'm not sure how I missed someone pushing the fast-forward button on my life, but this is creeping up on me like I never imagined.  I've been blessed to have an uncomplicated pregnancy thus far and I hope it continues from here on out.  With only a few months left, we really need to get her room in order and decorated soon so that's one less thing we have to worry about.  But who am I kidding?  Without poking and pushing, Hardy and I are probably two of the worlds WORST procrastinators....it is what it is.
We finally got 2 registries completed, Babies R Us and Target.  I feel weird registering for things so expensive.  When we got married I didn't have a whole lot on a registry because we had already been living together 4 years and had most every thing a newlywed couple would need.  So I'm out of my element with picking certain things.  I just hope I'm picking logical things that we NEED, I think I have.
Now that I'm so used to Persephone's movements and kicks, I find myself freaking out if I don't feel them during a "normal movement time".  I'll start pushing and squishing my stomach to try and get her to move around.  I guess that's a normal thing to do...right?  I have a feeling the paranoia only gets worse from here on out.
**Side note that has nothing to do with pregnancy or Persephone:  Did anyone hear about the Mickey shaped crater on Mercury? 
According to thefw.com:
NASA's Messenger probe photographed three craters on the surface of Mercury that look strikingly similar to Disney's beloved mascot Mickey Mouse.  The instantly recognizable shape of Mickey's head is formed by three overlapping craters in Mercury's southern hemisphere, the largest of which measures 65 miles across.  Messenger is the first spacecraft to ever orbit Mercury and has been photographing the planet for the past year. The probe has acquired 88,746 images so far and will take an additional 80,000 photographs before its extended mission ends.
Mickey Mouse on Mercury

Jun 15, 2012

24 Weeks!

Pregnancy Highlights

How far along?  24 Weeks - - officially 6 months along, my how time flies!
Size of the baby? 13.5" and approx 1 3/4lbs.  Doctor asked yesterday what I weighed when I was born and he said that was the best way to "predict" for PJ.  He said the mothers birth weight is a better indicator than the fathers.  Interesting huh?  I was born at 7lb/7oz, guess we'll know soon enough.
Maternity clothes? Yes! My awesome mom and I went shopping last weekend and I got 5 new tops and three new bottoms, plus a dress - I'd say I'm all set for the duration.
Stretch marks? No.
Weight gained2lbs total.  I even asked the doctor if I should be worried - I'm not eating any more or less than prior to pregnancy.  He said he wasn't worried, and nicely explained since I didn't start off at "ideal body weight" then I'm not expected to gain like the textbooks say (approx 10lbs the first trimester and roughly 1lb a week for the remainder of the pregnancy).  He said unless I start gorging food between now and the end, it would be normal to expect 10-15lbs total weight gain at delivery.
Sleep: Yea...yea...I'm waking up with my arms numb occasionally - that's annoying.
Best moment this/last weekHearing her sweet heartbeat again yesterday, it was 148bpm!
Movement: Every day and in the words of the band Loverboy, "I'm lovin' every minute of it"
Food cravings: None
Gender/Names: GIRL - Persephone Layne Jones!
Labor Signs: None
Belly Button in or out? Innie
Wedding rings on or off? Still on
What I miss: Being able to dye my hair...I'm sprouting gray/silver hairs all over and it's embarrassing me.  
What I DON'T miss: I added this one myself.  I DON'T miss being plain flabby...at least with a preggo belly I look cute.  I DON'T miss migraines ::knock on wood:: I haven't had a single one since the first month of pregnancy and for me that's HUGE.  It's great to have my head back...for now anyway.
What I am looking forward toHearing her heartbeat again next month and of course, KISS & Mötley Crüe on July 24th!

Jun 13, 2012

Oh the joy

I have silver/gray hairs popping up!  I know your body goes through some major changes during pregnancy, even if you don't actually feel or notice them all.  Majority of these changes are caused by all the hormones from what I've read in my books and online...but hair changes too?!?  REALLY?
One would think these prenatal vitamins would keep you above the game, but I guess if a growing baby is sucking all your nutrients from your body, then you're really just replacing what you've lost.  So while my nails look fantastic and I'm feeling great my hair is "aging".  It wouldn't be so bad, except that it's OTHER people who are noticing my grays, not me!  I love being brunette, but it sure does nothing to hide these unsightly silvers.
According to Wikipedia hair color is the pigmentation of hair follicles due to two types of melanin: eumelanin and pheomelanin.  If more melanin is present, the color of the hair is darker; if less melanin is present, the hair is lighter.  Levels of melanin can vary over time causing one's hair color to change.  Gray or white pigment is due to lack of pigmentation and melanin.  Gray typically occurs as people age, for some at an early age and others later on.  In some cases gray hair is caused by thyroid deficiencies and/or a vitamin B12 deficiency.  The Journal of Investigative Dermatology published a study in 2005 which found that white people begin to gray in their twenties and early thirties while Asian people begin graying in their late thirties, and most of black skin tone retain their original hair color until their mid-forties.
So there ya have it!  I'm getting old before I've even given birth  :)

Jun 11, 2012

The BEST feeling ever...

...is feeling your baby kick
Before becoming pregnant, and even before I was far enough along to feel it, I always wondered what baby kicks felt like.  Some books and websites say the first "flutters" are like butterflies in your tummy or popcorn popping.  I never had many flutters and I think it's because of the position of the placenta (anterior - which I read means it's on the front wall of your uterus, so until baby is big enough, the movements/kicks are cushioned).  Still my best description (other than popcorn popping, cause I like that one) is muscle spasms, obviously not as fast as an actual muscle twitch, but along the same concept.  I've been feeling Persephone kick for almost a month now.  Each day they become more frequent and obvious and I LOVE IT.  
A little over a week ago Hardy was actually able to feel her kick and this weekend I could see my belly jump from one.  I've still got a looooong way to go, but I am truly loving these little movements and never want them to stop.  The kicks are like a little reminder that there IS a baby in there.  I want to keep sharing it with people, but it never happens at convenient times for us grown ups.

Jun 10, 2012

What a great weekend!

Friday night we went out to eat with Hardy's family to a place called Houndstooth in Braselton and it was delicious! Really pretty atmosphere and everyone's food was yummy (not that I tried all of it haha).

Saturday my mom, stepdad and younger brother came for a visit. They brought the crib my aunt let us have and we spent the day shopping. I got a really cute pair of black leggings from Target, scored three maternity tops from Goodwill in Buford (thanks to my mom for picking them out because on the rack they didn't appeal to me, but on they did). We also hit up JCPenny and found some shorts and capris. I'm really disappointed more department stores don't carry maternity clothes (and I mean more than two racks worth). JCPenny had a decent collection though and I think I'm all stocked up for summer! Thank you mom :)

We did check out Kid to kid in Buford and the store is really cute. They had a ton of gently worn clothes for babies and kids as well as maternity. All decently priced from why I browsed through. Unfortunately I didn't find any suitable clothes for me there...I've come to find I prefer the full belly panel on maternity pants, not just the wide waistband. The wide waistband makes me look like I have a muffin top, not like I'm pregnant. JCPenny was perfect because they had full panel shorts and capris.

We ended the day with some hot Krispy Kreme donuts.

Sunday I enjoyed a pedicure :). We got gift cards from work a while back for Administrative Professionals Day and I finally put it to use.

Jun 8, 2012

23 Weeks!

Pregnancy Highlights
How far along? 23 Weeks
Size of the baby? An 11" 1 pound, large mango, the Similac website says an ear of corn...that's an interesting comparison!
Maternity clothes? Yea, I'm on the lookout for more shorts/capri's too because I feel silly wearing the same pants all the time...but who cares?!
Stretch marks? No new ones
Weight gained: 1lb total, I'll know if there's been more next week
Sleep: Good for the most part
Best moment this week: She's so active, getting to feel that is amazing.  Wednesday night I had Hardy put his hand on my belly and he got to feel three really good kicks.  I was happy to get to share that :)
Movement: Oh yea
Food cravings: I guess sweets have finally come into my radar.  I want ice cream...especially an oreo cookie blizzard.
Gender/Names: Persephone Layne Jones!
Labor Signs: None
Belly Button in or out? In
Wedding rings on or off? Rings are on
What I miss: I'm still pretty happy with every thing as it is.
What I am looking forward to: This weekend my mom, step dad and younger brother are visiting to bring us a crib my aunt gave us and hopefully the weather will cooperate so we can go swimming and hang out.  Also, may sound crazy, but I AM looking forward to the KISS & Mötley Crüe concert on July 24th.  It's the first time EVER we will be seeing Crüe from the lawn, but at least Hardy gets to see them none the less and I'll have more room to stretch out being 7mos along haha.  Also looking forward to getting the nursery ready.

Jun 7, 2012

Letters to Persephone

I thought I would share these few letters I have written to our unborn daughter.  I plan on printing them eventually and keeping them in a scrapbook for her.
January 29, 2012
Dear baby,
This evening your Daddy and I found out we were going to have a baby.  I think we were scared, nervous, anxious, worried and excited all at the same time.  Daddy didn't quite know what to say and neither did I.  We aren't going to tell anyone immediately, I want to wait and have a doctor confirm it. 
January 31, 2012
Dear baby,
I went to the doctor this morning and they confirmed you are real.  I got some pre-natal vitamins to take to keep us both healthy and strong, and to help you develop properly.  I'm scheduled for an ultrasound on Valentine's Day.
February 14, 2012
Dear baby,
Daddy and I went to the doctor today to see you for the first time.  At first he couldn't find you and it scared us.  Finally after 5 minutes, he located you and your heartbeat.  You were an itsy bitsy tiny little gray blob on the screen and your heartbeat was only 60bpm.  He thought you might have been younger than we originally guessed, so he told us to come see him again in two weeks for another ultrasound. 
February 29, 2012
Dear baby,
Daddy and I went back to the doctor today to see you again.  As soon as the technician put the probe on my belly – there you were!  It was amazing to see how much you had grown in just two weeks.  The technician and the doctor felt confident you were the exact age we had thought, 8w/5d.  Your heartbeat was much stronger today in the 160's (which the old wives tale says that means you're a girl) I go back in another month for a check up.
March 21, 2012
Dear baby,
I went to the doctor today to hear your heartbeat and make sure every thing was going fine.  Your little heartbeat was in the 160's again and the doctor joked you might be a girl "according to those old tales".
April 20, 2012
Dear baby,
I went to the doctor today and heard your sweet little heartbeat again (I even recorded it so our friends and family could hear it); you were in the high 150's.  I still feel great; you've been so sweet not to give me any morning sickness or other common pregnancy complaints.  At my next appointment we find out if you're a boy or girl – WE CAN'T WAIT!
May 18, 2012
Dear baby,
Daddy and I went to my 20-week appointment today to see you again J.  When the doctor checked for your heartbeat with the Doppler, he said it was between 140-150's.  Your Daddy and I looked at each other, wondering if you could be a boy (according to those tales).  We anxiously waited for our turn in the ultrasound room.  When my name was finally called my heart was pounding so hard.  They put some gel on my belly and VOILA! There you were on the screen, our baby as plain as day.  The technician said you were in a head down position; she measured the circumference of your head and belly.  Showed us the four chambers of your heart, your umbilical cord (that's the thing that keeps you and I connected), your spinal cord and your femur bone.  After all of the technical stuff was done, she let us look at you and took some snapshots of your sweet profile.  You were sucking your thumb (something I used to do).  We could see your little nose and arms; apparently her pushing down on my belly was aggravating you because you kept wiggling your arms back up to your face.  Next she asked if we wanted to know if you were a boy or girl and we said YES.  She moved around until she found your little legs and butt, it wasn't but a few seconds and she kept saying, "It's a girl".  Your Daddy and I were ecstatic, of course we didn't care what you were as long as you are healthy, but secretly we both wanted a girl!  She made us a DVD and when we went to the parking lot we started calling our families.
We have named you Persephone Layne Jones.  Your Daddy picked out Persephone, he had seen it in a few books he read and just couldn't get it out of his head.  I am passing you my middle name, Layne as my mother did with me. 
May 24, 2012
Dear Persephone,
I am almost 100% positive I felt you kick today; it was in the early evening just before we were going to eat dinner.  I couldn't feel it from the outside, but something was definitely happening on the inside.  Felt like bubbles popping, really slowly.
June 2, 2012
Dear Persephone,
This morning (for the 100th time) I asked your Daddy to put his hand on my belly to see if he could feel you kick.  Every time before now he swore he couldn't.  After a few seconds you gave him one and I didn't say anything, I waited for him to confirm it.  He said you felt like a muscle twitch.
June 6, 2012
Dear Persephone,
Tonight we were lying in bed, and I could feel you making all sorts of movements and kicks.  I told Daddy to put his hand on my belly so he could feel you.  After a little while I started wondering if you were going to sleep and making me look like a fibber.  But you didn't, you kicked hard three times in a matter of 10-20 seconds and he felt each one.  It's amazing to think about your little body making such an impact.  I'm glad Daddy was able to feel you "for real", it put a smile on my face.

Jun 6, 2012

Hatfields & McCoys

Did any of you watch the three part mini series on The History Channel last week? If you didn't you definitely missed out.

We saw commercials for it over Memorial Day weekend and set our DVR to record it and we finally finished. In total it's 6hrs, broken in to 2hr segments.

Excellent acting...I can't say enough about that part. It's sad that the families feuded for as long as they did. Certainly a neat history lesson. It does have some pretty heart tugging moments, but it wouldn't be a true story if they left those parts out.

So check it out if you can catch a rerun or view it on demand. I believe it comes out on DVD and Blu ray July 13th.

Starring: Kevin Costner & Bill Paxton

Jun 5, 2012

90's playlist

I have a lot of albums on my Windows Media at work, because sitting in silence all day (or listening to the telephones ringing) can be very monotonous.

Yesterday I decided to make a 90's playlist and surprisingly I had over 100 songs ha ha

Here were a few of the tunes:

Bye, Bye, Bye - *NSYNC
MMMBop - Hanson
Everything I do (I do it for you) - Bryan Adams
Criminal - Fiona Apple
Walking on the Sun - Smash Mouth
Cryin' - Aerosmith
Crazy - Aerosmith
Into Dust - Mazzy Star
Faith - Limp Bizkit
Angel - Sarah McLachlan
One of Us - Joan Osborne
Foolish Games - Jewel
Stop - Spice Girls

and a buuuunch more

Ahhhh I love the 90's :)

Jun 4, 2012

Weekend Recap

We had what seemed like a non-stop weekend. 
Saturday I woke up to this sweet face:
And later found her on a "throne"
She does make use of all the space....
Later that afternoon we had a meeting about the haunted house theme for 2012 and went over duties.  Obviously with PJ due the beginning of October, Hardy and I won't physically be involved while it's in operation.  I do still plan on running the Facebook page and website though as those are easy updates (I know some of you are probably thinking I'm mistaken and won't remember anything).  I'm going into it with good intentions!  Since we actually HAVE a location already, the plans for the haunt are pretty elaborate.  I'm hoping we get enough volunteers to help pull the construction and painting together so it's presented the way it should be.  We ended up staying in Dahlonega chatting it up until about 9:30pm or so and by the time we got home, I was tired.
Sunday I woke up to another snuggle bug, Flower:
We got up and headed to the Mall of GA.  We had some Fandango cash to blow on a few movies we purchased a month ago.  We already used some of it to see Battleship (which we thought was good), so this weekend we used what was left to see Snow White & The The Huntsman (Charlize Theron, Kristen Stewart and Chris Hemsworth).  The afternoon started off crappy because we had lunch from Great Wraps and it was AWFUL - then I saw the score they just got on 6/1/12 was an 89 - gross.  I will not be eating there again.  On a better note, SWATH was a really great movie!  I thought my ass was going to fall off by the end because I never could get comfortable (the seats at Great Escapes - Hamilton Mill are much more comfy).
After the movie we headed over to Babies R Us to finally start our registry.  We spent an hour and a half scanning things and when I turned in our scanner, we discovered an issue...the lady who "signed me in" scanned me as someone else so EVERY SINGLE ITEM we had just picked was on some other Amanda Jones' registry - waaah?!?!  There was no quick fix, so I just told them to print me a copy of her registry and I would do my best to circle what I knew was mine.  Although I was irritated, they were very apologetic so it was hard to be angry.  To my surprise most of it was easy to spot, it was obvious she was having a boy and because we picked so many Disney things...that helped us too.  Now I just have to check our registry to make sure I didn't accidentally pick anything of hers that I thought was ours.
I would like to end this post with words of wisdom.
A lady always crosses her legs.

Jun 1, 2012

22 week photo's

Boredom on my lunch break lead to a mini photo shoot, ha!

Belly photo

I'm trying to look cute

My feet are slowly disappearing!!!

22 Weeks!



How far along? 22 Weeks


Size of the baby?  Approx 11" from head to toe and 1lb / aka a spaghetti squash


Maternity clothes? I snagged some white (never worn Motherhood) shorts on our weekend excursion to the Unclaimed Baggage place,  but I definitely need more than just 2 pair of bottoms, there's no way I can wear my normal pants/shorts now and when I try I either "bust slack" by wearing them below my belly or I don't look pregnant, I look like I have a giant muffin top.


Stretch marks? No


Weight gained: I don't weigh myself at home, so I won't know until my next appointment on 6/14


Sleep: I'm sleeping just fine thank goodness, in fact I've been dosing off on the couch most nights this week.  I've got to work on rolling over in the middle of the night though, because this round ligament crap is getting me every time!

Movement: YES! YES! I'm definitely feeling her kick, usually happens shortly after I eat.  So on my way to work and maybe for the first hour of work I feel the little kicks and then a few times in the afternoon and again in the evening.


Food cravings: None to name


Gender/Names: It's a GIRL!  Persephone Layne J


Labor Signs: None, but I recently watched like a million (ok not that many) episodes of 16 & Pregnant we had recorded and several of those girls had premature scares…that had me freaking out a little bit.


Belly Button in or out? In!


Wedding rings on or off? On!


What I miss: Still nothing really…


What I am looking forward to: As Persephone grows; I'm looking forward to feeling more prominent movements.  I can't wait for Hardy to be able to feel her kicking from the outside. 


Best Moment of the Week***Realizing my brain has totally gone to mush.  It makes for good LOL moments, but it's a little embarrassing and aggravating.  Last night I took a bottle of water with me into the living room…without a lid…and ultimately it got knocked over.  This morning I was pouring myself a glass of milk and I didn't hold the glass so the milk pushed it over and milk went everywhere.  A few times this week when Hardy was cooking dinner I told him what sides to make with the meal and none of the sides I thought I put in the buggy were actually in our house.  Looks like I just looked and thought about grabbing things at the store, but never did.


***Deciding which way I want to go with the nursery - duh it's going to be Disney themed, but I'm trying to keep it simple and modern.  I don't want "baby" Disney characters or Winnie the Pooh.  Hopefully we'll get it prepared in the next month or so and I can show it off :)