Jun 22, 2012

25 Weeks!!

Pregnancy Highlights
How far along? 25 Weeks, only 15 to go!
Size of the baby? A rutabaga...have you ever eaten one of these?  I haven't.
Maternity clothes? Every day
Stretch marks? None
Weight gained: 2lbs total
Sleep: Still pretty good, but I wake up/toss and turn a lot
Best moment this/last week:  Last Saturday we went to Wild Bill's to see Jackyl (a southern rock band from Kennesaw, but they're also featured on the TruTV show Full Throttle Saloon) and it was a lot of fun even though I did snag a stool to sit on before the night was over.  My sister-in-law and I were lucky enough to witness a Johnny Depp look-a-like and that was a good laugh.  Also, I didn't think I would "like" the attention, but it's cute to see people react to a pregnant belly, it's like an automatic smile generator.
Movement: Very frequent!  Especially from 8-10pm...Hardy's guaranteed to feel something during that time frame :)
Food cravings: Ehh...nothing to name really.  Although I was starving when we went to the grocery store on Monday and somehow a package of Oreo's got in our buggy, they sure are delicious with ice cold milk!
Gender/Names: GIRL! Persephone Layne Jones!
Labor Signs: None
Belly Button in or out? Innie
Wedding rings on or off? On
What I missEven though I'm sleeping decent, I really do miss sleeping completely on my stomach and back.  Of course, now Disney-fever is bad.  One of our cousins (on Hardy's side) is getting married next year and is asking a ton of questions about Disney for her honeymoon...makes me miss it even more.  Almost all our friends have recently made trips to the beach and I am really wishing I could go!
What I am looking forward toMy daily email from What to Expect says sometimes this far along if it's quiet Daddy may be able to hear the heartbeat if he puts his ear to your stomach.  I want Hardy to give that a try!  My next appointment is July 12th, I've actually switched practices so from this appointment on I'll be seeing a different set of doctors.  Although I'm doing the 1hr glucose test this next visit and NOT looking forward to it, I will be happy to hear her heartbeat again!  After that appointment, I'll start going every 2 weeks - - WHERE IN THE WORLD HAS THE TIME GONE????

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