Jun 27, 2012

You know what they say

One mans trash is another mans treasure...
I don't ALWAYS have good luck when it comes to finding deals at Goodwill, let alone the clearance rack at regular department stores.  Either I just don't have the eye for shopping, or I don't take the time to look through stuff.  Either way, this past weekend we did pretty good, I think.  We had to get Hardy's oil changed Saturday, so since we were already in Buford, we headed over to Kid to Kid across from the mall.  If you haven't been in there - definitely check it out.  They have gently used clothing for babies and up (including maternity), some stuff has never been worn.  They also carry gently used toys and miscellaneous items one would need for a baby (strollers, car seats, boppy pillows, bassinet, cribs, bouncers..the list goes on).  Like the clothing, there are also several things never been open/used like pacifiers, teething rings, bottles, you get the point. 
We ended up finding an AWESOME deal - a limited edition Classic Winnie the Pooh framed pin set, with the official Walt Disney seal on the back and certificate of authenticity, it's also numbered 1660/2500.  We aren't really using Winnie the Pooh in the nursery, but for $3.50 I could NOT let it pass me by.  When we got home I tried Googling it and found it listed on eBay.com for $299 - whoa.  Hell I might use it in my own room or another area of the house.  Persephone's room is definitely going to be Disney themed, but not in the traditional way...regardless I know it will look awesome when we finish (of course we have to start first, ha ha).  I was so excited to find this, it's a neat collectible and hard to believe someone just gave it up!
Monday Hardy's mom and sister were out gallivanting again and found a changing table at Goodwill in great condition for only $25.00.  It doesn't exactly match the color of the wood of the crib, but all of that can be easily fixed - another score!
Our niece Chelsea, who had her little boy a year ago gave us the bassinet Hardy's parents had bought for her, so we also have that to use as well.  Hey the less money we have to spend out of pocket, the better :)  as long as it's in working condition and clean, I have no problem with hand-me-downs.  After we got it out of the car, we sat it in the living room and well, it didn't take long for Tinker Bell to claim it as her own.  I only let that happen once, although I think it's adorable, I don't want cat hair all over the baby stuff (even though some is inevitable) and my Mom made a good point that if I let the cats get used to playing/sleeping on Persephone's things, when she's actually here and I try to keep them off, it'll hurt their feelings. 


  1. Awesome finds!!! I'm starting kye on the pin collecting ;) def make sure to check baby recall lists on the used stuff you get. I know my bassinet was just recalled :(

    1. It's insane how much is recalled. Kind of scary too. I mean I hate to google everything I'm given just to see, but baby's safety is totally my first priority over hurting someone else's feelings.