Jun 1, 2012

22 Weeks!



How far along? 22 Weeks


Size of the baby?  Approx 11" from head to toe and 1lb / aka a spaghetti squash


Maternity clothes? I snagged some white (never worn Motherhood) shorts on our weekend excursion to the Unclaimed Baggage place,  but I definitely need more than just 2 pair of bottoms, there's no way I can wear my normal pants/shorts now and when I try I either "bust slack" by wearing them below my belly or I don't look pregnant, I look like I have a giant muffin top.


Stretch marks? No


Weight gained: I don't weigh myself at home, so I won't know until my next appointment on 6/14


Sleep: I'm sleeping just fine thank goodness, in fact I've been dosing off on the couch most nights this week.  I've got to work on rolling over in the middle of the night though, because this round ligament crap is getting me every time!

Movement: YES! YES! I'm definitely feeling her kick, usually happens shortly after I eat.  So on my way to work and maybe for the first hour of work I feel the little kicks and then a few times in the afternoon and again in the evening.


Food cravings: None to name


Gender/Names: It's a GIRL!  Persephone Layne J


Labor Signs: None, but I recently watched like a million (ok not that many) episodes of 16 & Pregnant we had recorded and several of those girls had premature scares…that had me freaking out a little bit.


Belly Button in or out? In!


Wedding rings on or off? On!


What I miss: Still nothing really…


What I am looking forward to: As Persephone grows; I'm looking forward to feeling more prominent movements.  I can't wait for Hardy to be able to feel her kicking from the outside. 


Best Moment of the Week***Realizing my brain has totally gone to mush.  It makes for good LOL moments, but it's a little embarrassing and aggravating.  Last night I took a bottle of water with me into the living room…without a lid…and ultimately it got knocked over.  This morning I was pouring myself a glass of milk and I didn't hold the glass so the milk pushed it over and milk went everywhere.  A few times this week when Hardy was cooking dinner I told him what sides to make with the meal and none of the sides I thought I put in the buggy were actually in our house.  Looks like I just looked and thought about grabbing things at the store, but never did.


***Deciding which way I want to go with the nursery - duh it's going to be Disney themed, but I'm trying to keep it simple and modern.  I don't want "baby" Disney characters or Winnie the Pooh.  Hopefully we'll get it prepared in the next month or so and I can show it off :)

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