Sep 29, 2011

Yes...I'm here

What's on my mind....

Do you think your body needs more lotion and/or chapstick when you use them regularly?

What is it REALLY that attracts mosquito's?  Because they love me...

Why does my nose have to LOVE the smell of Original Tide even though it's expensive?

How nca our bairns undesrtnda wrods/senetcnes wneh eht leterts aer tuo of oderr?

How do people who can't drive ever get a license?

Sep 27, 2011

Baby Fever

With all of these pregnancies I read about on Facebook and Blogger AND celebrity gossip sites...I'm stuck.  I checked into Hotel Baby and have yet to check out, at least they aren't charging me for an "extended stay", but I wish I knew how to shake this...
In time I hope Hardy will jump on board willingly instead of assuming if it happens, it would be a "whoops" moment.  Until then...I shall continue to enjoy reading your baby blogs and looking at the cute photos, oh and of course I'll hug my cats a few seconds longer each day

Ha ha ha

Sep 24, 2011

Change of pace

I'm most certainly insane now.  The haunted house opens on Friday 9/30 and it still feels like so many things still HAVE to be done.  We got our coupons in this week and I went last night to set up a small display at the Spirit Halloween store in Buford.  If you have a business or know of a business that would allow us to hang a poster and/or set out some coupons, please let me know!!

We're having dress rehearsal tonight, this is where we make sure all of the positions are filled, costumes are good and we try to get a real idea of how many volunteers we have this season.  The sad part is we always seem to have a great turn out for Ghoul Skool and Dress Rehearsal, but after the haunted house opens...our numbers dwindle.  I hope this year we have a group that's committed, or that they at least don't promise something they cannot keep.

TONIGHT after Dress Rehearsal, Hardy and I are going to Wild Bill's (hold your horses, we aren't club-goers or partiers lol), we're going to see Stryper.  Apparently Wild Bill's is becoming a new venue for many bands to play lately. 

Many of you may not even know who Styper is, well they're a CHRISTIAN glam metal band from the 80's.  They're actual the first Christian rock band to be recognized in "mainstream" music.  They have sold over 10 million albums worldwide and surprisingly most of those who purchase their music do not even claim to be Christian. 

With songs like To Hell With The Devil, Soldiers Under Command, Honestly and Together Forever...their lyrics are heartfelt and without a doubt, spiritual.

Here is a video of one of their more recent performances of To Hell With The Devil

Sep 19, 2011

75 days....

Haunted House poster

This is our official poster for the haunted house this year. 
It features Rhiannon, Rusty's 12yr old daughter...creepy huh?

I would love to see YOU there!  I'll be taking tickets at the door, so you're guaranteed to see me.

Sep 16, 2011

Old movies

The other night I decided to watch The Witches, remember that movie?!? With Angelica Houston as the Grand High Witch, a boy and his grandmother go stay in this hotel and a group of witches are meeting there...they find him and turn him into a mouse...etc

Yea we own that movie and a lot of others too. Aside from the usual Disney movies..

The Labyrinth
The Dark Crystal
The Neverending Story (my all time fave)
Mom & Dad Save The World
All Dogs Go To Heaven
Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
The New Adventures of Pippi Longstocking
Muppets Treasure Island
Teen Witch
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

What are some of your favorites???

Sep 14, 2011

And the winner is.....

Last night, Rusty, Beverly and I participated in the Lumpkin County Literacy Coalitions annual Spelling Bee.  We went representing the haunted house of course, but it's always a blast.  While we did not win the actual Spelling Bee, we did win the "Take the Pie" award. The judge chose 3 teams they liked the best and then the audience cheered for their favorite.  I won't was awesome to hear people cheering for us :)

I had a lot of fun :)

Sep 12, 2011

Season Finale

True Blood....

You will go down in history as having the BIGGEST cliffhanger ever (of a show that I watch).  Sunday, Hardy, my brother and sister in law gathered in our living room as we have the past 11 Sunday's waiting on a new episode of True Blood to start.....

**Warning, there are spoilers**

30 minutes in we were relieved and sad, Marnie was officially gone,
but Jesus was killed in the process.

35 minutes in we were shocked and confused, Sookie decided she didn't want to be with Eric anymore because she still loved Bill - this girl has her head screwed on wrong!!

40 minutes in we were back to the same ole' True Blood scenes we're used to seeing, as Jason and Jessica's relationship bloomed.

45 minutes in we were feeling sad for Pam as she really does miss her companionship with Eric.

52 minutes in we were picking our jaws up off the ground seeing
Steve Newlin return, as a vampire no less.

53 minutes in we were shaking our heads as we remembered Russell Edginton would obviously return.

55 minutes in we were not surprised to see Nan show up at Bill's place after every thing that had happened with Marnie, HOWEVER - we did not expect Eric and Bill to put an end to her..he he he

58 minutes in we were heartbroken to see Tara step in and take a bullet for Sookie, although it appears to have taken Tara's life, but we won't know for sure until next season.

Sep 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Tabitha!!!

I would like to take a moment to wish Tabitha a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Too cool

I love you BFFLADYFI and I hope this is one of your best birthdays yet!!

Sep 8, 2011


Over the weekend, my mom gave me a few things that made my week! 
It's funny how exciting the little things in life are...

One of those was some lip gloss by Pure Illuminations.  The lip gloss has a mirror on the side, and when you unscrew the lid to apply the lip gloss, an LED light shines so you can see!!

The second thing was this cute Watchover Voodoo Doll she found at a gift shop at Orange Beach.
They're designed by a guy in Ireland - John Hinde.  There's at least 50 different dolls that I can tell.
All of them have a cute little "inspirational" message with them. 

They're comical more than anything, especially since there seems to be a doll for every personality :)

My doll was:
Ultimate Devil

He's just the cutest lil guy ever.  Not sure why I assume he's male, but thats what I've been saying and I'll just continue saying that.  I have him hanging from my passenger sun visor.

She also got one for Trevor...

and Hardy....

and Phillip....

and Mom's...

Sep 7, 2011

Rot N. Rusty's poster

This is a promotional poster I made using Picasa as my editor. 
The photo is courtesy of Devil Cat Art & Photography

The poster features Rot N. Rusty's 12yr old daughter Rhiannon - doesn't she look AWESOME??

Sep 6, 2011

Things you should know about cat health...

Cats are obligate carnivores.... 

obligate; strict
carnivore; meat eater

- This means they are biologically restricted to consuming animal protein, also known as meat; whereas humans and dogs are omnivores, meaning we can consume both animal and plant based foods.

Cats also do not crave water like most mammals,
they consume most of their water intake when they are eating fresh meat. 

A cats normal prey contains 70+% moisture.

With that being said....what do you feed your cat(s)??

Lets go back to the start of this post....cats are carnivores.  Have you ever read the ingredients on a bag of cat food?  Regardless of the brand Purina, Science Diet or Royal Canin to name a few...I can bet you the first three ingredients ARE NOT an actual meat (by products and meal do not count). 

Are you scratching your head yet? 

Why in the world would anyone, especially your vet, recommend food that doesn't even include the most VITAL building block to fulfill a cats diet?  I don't have an answer for you either, other than they may be uneducated or they're being paid big bucks by these pet food companies to push them on you (much like a doctor will force a prescription medicine onto a human).

In the wild, cats rely soley on consuming animal protein; meat.....NOT grains, cheeses, vegetables, wheat or rice.  MEAT MEAT MEAT is the most important part of their diet.  Sure vitamins and minerals don't hurt, but why all of these fillers?  Why are we feeding our cats things they don't NEED instead of the things they DO. 

And since cats do not naturally 'thirst' like other animals - they rely on consuming water when they much moisture is in your bag of cat food??  I can bet you it's much LESS than 20%. 

Please, think about adding wet food to your cats diet..(if you already do GOOD FOR YOU and SHAME ON ME for waiting until my cats were 6 and 7yrs old to actually do something about it).

Pro's to dry cat food

the vitamins & minerals

promotes healthy and strong teeth

Con's to dry cat food

No REAL meat, which is what carnivores need

Loads of carbohydrates that cats DO NOT NEED and per nature, can't even break down properly

It has been known to contribute to: Diabetes, kidney disease, inflammatory bowel disease, urinary tract infections, inflammed bladder, hairballs, obesity, fatty liver disease, asthma and many others

The protein in dry food is plant based - WHY?  Cats do not need plants for food!

Dehydration - because there is very little moisure in dry food and the fact that they naturally do not thirst for water

Something to think about....
Have you ever seen an obese animal in the wild??

Until recently, I thought dry food was okay for our feline kids.  Both of my cats have eaten nothing, but dry food their entire lives...period.  Today I'm taking a step in a better direction, I owe it to my cats to make sure they're living healthy lives and since they aren't out in the wild catching it for themselves, it's my responsibility to make sure I do it for them.  I will continue to feed them dry food, but am making a change to integrate a healthy wet food into their diets so they're getting the proper nutrients and moisture they require.

A dear friend of mine had to put her two year old cat down last week due to kidney failure. 

Last week, Lexy, one of Flower's brothers had bloodwork showing his BUN (blood urea nitrogen) level was elevated.  This doesn't mean he has kidney failure, right now.  But, we all know...when the kidneys deteriorate, they don't turn around.  The vets immediate course of action was to put him on Hills Prescription Diet K/D formula for renal health.  They believe putting him on a low-protein diet will help relieve any stress his kidneys may currently be under.  I picked the food up on Saturday for my mom as she was out of town and noticed there was NO MEAT in the food, it was all carbs, plants, by-products and meal.  Of course he should be on a low protein diet if all we're feeding him is plant protein, if he had been eating anmial protein (meat) his kidneys would be comfortable.

Lastly, cats are great at masking pain. Generally you will never know your cat is hurting or uncomfortable until its too late or when extensive care is needed for proper recovery.

So while you may say your cat is doing just fine on dry food...are they

Think about it, do some right by your pet

Sep 5, 2011

That's life..

Tinker Bell all tuckered out, even uses our DirecTV remote as a pillow....

Sep 4, 2011

Attack of the Piss Ants

This weekend we went over to Birmingham, AL to spend time with Trevor while my mom and stepdad were out of town. Last night/this morning, I was minding my own business sleeping, when I noticed a pinching sensation on my left arm. I wiped my arm a couple of times thinking maybe my hair was stabbing me....but it kept happening. Finally I grabbed my phone from the nightstand and hit a button so it would light up. Low and behold I was under attack by piss ants!!

Let me tell you, these things are evil.  Normally I've seen them in the kitchen of my own house.  These crazy ants traveled all the way upstairs into one of my moms spare bedrooms, crawled up the wall and just walked right onto our sheets.   And FYI, while they don't leave welts like fireants, they DO live up to their name....they bite the piss out of you.   There were absolutely no ants on Hardy's side of the bed. So fess up, who has a voodoo doll of me that they threw into an ant mound?!?