Sep 12, 2011

Season Finale

True Blood....

You will go down in history as having the BIGGEST cliffhanger ever (of a show that I watch).  Sunday, Hardy, my brother and sister in law gathered in our living room as we have the past 11 Sunday's waiting on a new episode of True Blood to start.....

**Warning, there are spoilers**

30 minutes in we were relieved and sad, Marnie was officially gone,
but Jesus was killed in the process.

35 minutes in we were shocked and confused, Sookie decided she didn't want to be with Eric anymore because she still loved Bill - this girl has her head screwed on wrong!!

40 minutes in we were back to the same ole' True Blood scenes we're used to seeing, as Jason and Jessica's relationship bloomed.

45 minutes in we were feeling sad for Pam as she really does miss her companionship with Eric.

52 minutes in we were picking our jaws up off the ground seeing
Steve Newlin return, as a vampire no less.

53 minutes in we were shaking our heads as we remembered Russell Edginton would obviously return.

55 minutes in we were not surprised to see Nan show up at Bill's place after every thing that had happened with Marnie, HOWEVER - we did not expect Eric and Bill to put an end to her..he he he

58 minutes in we were heartbroken to see Tara step in and take a bullet for Sookie, although it appears to have taken Tara's life, but we won't know for sure until next season.

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  1. Girl....I was gasping the whole time yesterday!!! I didn't even put 2 and 2 together with Russell's return. Guess that's what I get for not watching it at home! I need some spoilers for next season!!! LOL