Sep 8, 2011


Over the weekend, my mom gave me a few things that made my week! 
It's funny how exciting the little things in life are...

One of those was some lip gloss by Pure Illuminations.  The lip gloss has a mirror on the side, and when you unscrew the lid to apply the lip gloss, an LED light shines so you can see!!

The second thing was this cute Watchover Voodoo Doll she found at a gift shop at Orange Beach.
They're designed by a guy in Ireland - John Hinde.  There's at least 50 different dolls that I can tell.
All of them have a cute little "inspirational" message with them. 

They're comical more than anything, especially since there seems to be a doll for every personality :)

My doll was:
Ultimate Devil

He's just the cutest lil guy ever.  Not sure why I assume he's male, but thats what I've been saying and I'll just continue saying that.  I have him hanging from my passenger sun visor.

She also got one for Trevor...

and Hardy....

and Phillip....

and Mom's...

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