Sep 4, 2011

Attack of the Piss Ants

This weekend we went over to Birmingham, AL to spend time with Trevor while my mom and stepdad were out of town. Last night/this morning, I was minding my own business sleeping, when I noticed a pinching sensation on my left arm. I wiped my arm a couple of times thinking maybe my hair was stabbing me....but it kept happening. Finally I grabbed my phone from the nightstand and hit a button so it would light up. Low and behold I was under attack by piss ants!!

Let me tell you, these things are evil.  Normally I've seen them in the kitchen of my own house.  These crazy ants traveled all the way upstairs into one of my moms spare bedrooms, crawled up the wall and just walked right onto our sheets.   And FYI, while they don't leave welts like fireants, they DO live up to their name....they bite the piss out of you.   There were absolutely no ants on Hardy's side of the bed. So fess up, who has a voodoo doll of me that they threw into an ant mound?!?

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