Aug 31, 2011

What I'm Lovin' Wednesday

I'm LOVIN' Adele's album 21.  Her voice is so beautiful (to me anyway) and when I listen to the lyrics, you can just feel the emotion she had while writing these songs.

I'm LOVIN' the challenge of editing the haunted house's website.  While I do get aggravated and sometimes lost, I'm learning a lot of new things.  ***If any of you would like to critique me and give me some advice, I'd love to hear it - please keep in mind it is a haunted house website, so it's generated to attract those who love the obvious, Halloween, scary movies...etc  

I'm LOVIN' that we're 94 days away from our Disney cruise!

I'm LOVIN' that Breaking Dawn Part 1 is only 78 days away, I cannot WAIT for the honeymoon scenes tee hee hee

I'm LOVIN' that there are only two episodes left of Season 4 of True Blood
and then I can cancel our HBO subscription and save ourselves $10/mo

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