Aug 20, 2011

Georgia Aquarium Trip

Friday August 19, 2011 King GREEN treated the office staff to a day at the Georgia Aquarium!  We all arrived at about 9:30, then met up with Alan Davis, the director of safety and security for the aquarium, which I need to add was very kind for taking his time to show us all of this.  Before we got started, 19 of us hopped on an elevator to begin our tour......

.....and we got stuck between the 1st and 2nd floor
we were about 18" shy of the doors opening and letting us out. 
I have a thing for making weird faces...

Here we all are, stuck on the elevator.

So we hung tight and yes I mean TIGHT for about 5-8mins before we were rescued.  It was funny for the first few minutes, then it got hot and we were all wondering how long it would be before we got the hell out.
On with the tour....Alan showed us a special behind the scenes tour of the aquarium. 

We got to see how they heat the water for the coral reef exhibit...

Three of my favorite people, Megan, Ashley and Tabitha

....showed us how they feed the whale sharks (which are actually fish, not mammals). 

It was AMAZING!  It's one thing to see these giants through an aquarium wall, but actually seeing them at the surface of the water is an entirely different experience and one I'll never forget.  He also showed us the Beluga exhibit from above water...

the veterinary facility
After our special tour, we went to see the new Dolphin Tales show.  For a kid, this might have been fun to watch, but aside from the cool dolphins, the show was silly.  I mean it was cheesier than a Disney show...probably even worse than a Six Flags show!!  Ahh it was weird, we were all cracking up.  Photo's weren't allowed during the show so I don't have any of that :(

After Dolphin Tales we walked all the way across Centennial Park to Googie Burger and had lunch outside.  I'll be honest, I wasn't even hungry it was so hot outside, I had a plain hotdog and a coke and couldn't manage to get it all down. 

We headed back to the aquarium where we started each exhibit one by one...

Our day ended at about 4pm or so and we headed home, surprisingly we were all pretty darn tired.  It's amazing how in your 20's, you get worn out quicker than when you were a teen.  SHEESH!!

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