Aug 11, 2011

Swimsuit ideas

I don't normally buy a new bathing suit every single year, but because I seem to have an ever expanding waistline, my "Michelin Man" figure just won't squeeze into some of my previous suits.  I will NOT be scaring people for life and wear a bikini, so my new love is swimdresses and/or 2 pieces with a skirt or shorts for a bottom.

I would like a new bathing suit before we head off on our Disney cruise, so I've been on the look out, preferably for a CLEARANCE are a few of my favorite's so far.

Thoughts welcome!

1 piece swimdress

2 piece suit w/ short bottoms

2 piece suit w/ brief bottoms

1 piece swimdress


  1. This is the suit I have and I like it.

    In my opinion, one pieces are aggravating because a. I just don't think they are flattering to anyone and b. they are a pain in the a$$ when you have to go to the bathroom and your suit is wet. BLAH. LOL

  2. That's cute! I know one pieces aren't flattering unless you have a flat body lol. I like swimdresses because they don't excenuate the belly region.

  3. Oh girl, I don't even think they are flattering to flat stomach girls, LOL. I do like the black one though!! I used to be so embarrassed to go to the beach in a bathing suit but I don't feel as self conscious in my little skirtini! LOL. Can't wait to hear which one you choose!!