Aug 18, 2011


My brother was given a good diagnosis for now.  After having some bloodwork and a petscan, the oncologist said there weren't currently any signs of lymphoma.  He is still going to keep in touch with the pathologist to go over the full report of the cyst they removed a month ago.  He goes back in 1 month just to re-check every thing.  If it does end up as lymphoma, it would be cutaneous t-cell lymphoma which is treatable.

When I was calling collections today, I spoke with a businessman who owed an invoice from April.  Today was the first time I tried calling him on his business # -vs- his home # and he answered.  He was very upbeat and cordial and apologized for the bill being late, after asking me to fax him a statement he explained his wife has been his bookeeper for over 20yrs, but was diagnosed with breast cancer earlier this year and since going through radiation and chemotherapy she hasn't been able to work. 

I don't know why this time I felt bad, that sounds awful doesn't it?  Calling collections, I'm naturally the "bad guy", but I've heard almost every reason for late payment, even non payment that I think you could hear.  I try not to attach myself to the customer, because it's my job, but also because lawn service is a luxury.....just saying.  A lot of people call in, start service and never pay a dime, believe it or not, we've had repeat offenders!!  So it's my job to try and stop it from going to collections and save the customer.

Back to the story.....I genuinely felt bad for this particular customer and I believed him, so much so I decided to send he and his wife a card letting them know they were in my thoughts.  Is that weird??  People like getting cards, right?


Why am I still thinking about it?  I've already mailed the card...

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