Aug 25, 2011


My posts for the next two months may be few and far between and what IS posted may be repetitive (so I'm apologizing in advance). 
Nothing new is going on in the world of The Jones'.  We are only 100 days away from our first Disney Cruise and we are so ready to get away from our every day life and escape, especially into the world of Disney.
It's officially haunted house season and we only have 6 weeks before we open - INSANITY!!  When I started helping in 2008 I was just an actor.  2009 I continued acting and helped with makeup, in 2010 I was responsible for the Facebook page ( , keeping track of our actors, acted part-time and sold tickets a few nights.  This year I took it upon myself to add another task, managing the actual website (  It's by no means perfect and unfortunately I'm using what I'm familiar with, Blogger.  I'm still learning and editing, I do one thing and change it five minutes later.  It's funny I don't usually beat myself up over my own blog, but I'm taking this one serious. 
So here are some details about the haunted house, of course for those who actually ENJOY these kinds of things:
Rot N. Rusty's Haunted House
312 Riley Rd
Dahlonega, GA 30533
***Open every Friday & Saturday at dark***
Sept 30th - Oct 29th
(also open Sunday 10/30 & Monday 10/31)
Tickets $12/per person - $2 off coupons will be available soon
I would like to point out that we are NOT witches, Satanists or part of a cult.  A haunted house is a form of entertainment, a rush of adrenaline.  Some people like to ride roller coasters or sky dive....others like to get scared.  Unfortunately society is quick to judge and assume all of us are evil - I can assure you, we aren't. 
If you are interested in coming, let me know - I will give you the hook up!  Also, if anyone you know likes haunted houses, certainly pass along our facebook and website links!!!

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