Aug 15, 2011

2011 Spelling Bee

For the past two years, myself and two other ladies from the haunted house have participated in the Lumpkin County Literacy Coalition's Annual Spelling Bee.  It's a fun spelling bee for adults to participate in, all of the teams come up with a creative name (involving the word BEE) and a skit.  When your team is called to spell your 1st word, that's when you perform your skit for the audience (you really want to impress the audience as ultimately, they're the ones who vote on who should win the "Take the Cake" award).  Since we go representing the haunted house, we get to have a lot of fun creating a team name and skit. 
In 2009, we were the O-BEE-tuaries and when it was our time for the skit, we each read our own epitaph. 
**Beverly wore slippers and a robe, while carrying a box of tissues and a heating pad, her epitaph was "I told you I was sick.". 
**Erin dressed as a hillbilly with pigtails, overalls and buck teeth with a watermelon for a prop, her epitaph was "She was not smart, she was not fair, but hearts with grief for her are swellin'.  All empty stood her little chair, she died of eatin' watermelon."
**I was "Hi I'm Betty Sue Blake, I hit the gas instead of the break", my prop was a steering wheel, car bumper and a flask.  I had my head wrapped in gauze with just a tad bit of blood. 
Even though we were horrible spellers, we won the "Take the Cake" award for being the most entertaining!! 
In 2010, we were representing Zom-BEE-Gone, a new product designed by scientists to rid your life of zombie's. 
**Erin played the scientist that helped create the product, which by the way is only $99.99!!
**Beverly played the lush, rich house wife who found a zombie in her garden and just couldn't bare to kill it.
**I played the zombie.  Appropriately, I drooled, I chewed on a plastic heart and I lunged to bite the other contestants. 
At one point, Bev got a little excited with the Zom-BEE-Gone spray and got me in the eye, it was hard not to laugh.....I kept in character the entire time, it was hard, but so worth it.  We did not win the "Take the Cake" award, but we were told by many that we SHOULD have won.  The team that actually won even asked if we had taken acting classes, but no that's just us!  We haven't gotten together our skit/team name set it stone yet for this years spelling bee, but we're hoping to come up with something so we can take the cake back!! 
This years spelling bee is on Tuesday September 13th at 7pm at the Holly Theater in downtown Dahlonega.  I encourage any of you who can make it to please come!!  It's fun for everyone!  It is family friendly, tickets are $10/per person and all proceeds go to the Lumpkin County Literacy Coalition.

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