Aug 29, 2010

What's your's is our's, right?

So a couple of weeks ago Hardy decided to sell his 95 Firebird since he wasn't driving it and he wanted the $$ to buy a new 3D TV.  Well we sold it and are expecting our TV to arrive this week.  The current TV stand we have is doing good to hold the 32" tv that we have so we have been looking at new stands for the 46" we just bought.  Well has anyone looked at entertainment furniture lately brand new?!?  Holy cow - - this crap is expensive.

Saturday his parents were at a yard sale and saw a decent TV stand that would be able to hold the new TV so Hardy went by to look at it and he decided it was good enough for us.  Luckily they already had a 46" TV sitting on it so we were sure it should hold ours. 

For now, it's sitting in the middle of the living room and our two goats have claimed it their own.

Aug 24, 2010


irritable (ˈɪrɪtəb ə l)

— adj

1. quickly irritated; easily annoyed; peevish

2. (of all living organisms) capable of responding to such stimuli as heat, light, and touch

3. pathol abnormally sensitive

As women, a lot of times we're expected to suppress our feelings/emotions because it "gets the best of us" or "will construe our judgment"- - LOAD OF CRAP. I've found in my short years as an actual adult, that doesn't work so well. The longer I hold something in the more aggitated I become. So sometimes we can be irrational but at least we're honest. We might say things we'll regret later but why should we regret it - - if it's intution or even instinct that gave us that thought, feeling or emotion then it's the TRUTH whether we want to believe it or not it is.

Lately I've noticed I'm more are some examples

-A plate not being rinsed off (to my standards) before going into the dishwasher.
-Not finding a t-shirt that fits me comfortably.
-Getting hot when I blow dry my hair.
-These stupid drain flies we've been battling for the last few weeks.
-Getting aggravated at work because of customer's being rude on the phone or people sending us payments without an accompanied invoice number.
-An unclean toilet.
-People who put water in a bottle of soap to help it lasts longer (really it doesn't).
-People who don't care about personal hygiene.
-Liars, it doesn't matter how old you get, people still and always will lie (about stupid stuff to top the cake).
-Trying to explain something to someone but they only hears part of it and go off on a tangent about something I never said.
-People who try to tell you how to live your life, regardless of how old and responsible you are.

I know, this all sounds like normal stuff and I guess it is but just 1 teensy weensy little thing can make me flip my lid. I don't WANT it too but I guess most all of my life I've been passive aggressive, but now that I have my own things and live a certain way - - I'm tired of playing by society's rules. I'm tired of doing and saying what is "proper".

This reminds me of a quote from the movie Beetlejuice (not that all my complaints are about my HOUSE, I'm just saying...I can feel her excitement when she says this)

"If you don't let me gut out this house and make it my own, I will go insane and I will take you with me!!!" - Delia Deetz

Aug 23, 2010

Just another manic Monday

I don't know what makes Monday's so undesirable.  Is it because the weekend is over?  Is it because work always seems to be extra busy on this day?  Is it because you know there are still 4 days left before the weekend?

Whatever the reason(s) I just can't ever make myself like a Monday...unless I'm on vacation of course.

Aug 19, 2010


On Tuesday, we heard this outrageously loud noise outside our office at work...once curiosity took the best of us, we peeked out the front door and saw a helicopter nearby with 10 saw blades attached to it by a cable. They were cutting tree limbs near power lines in the woods. Well it was one of the loudest, coolest and SCARIEST things I've ever seen in my entire life. All I could think about while watching it was "What if the cable snaps and these blades go flying EVERY WHERE?!"

I'm thinking up a movie idea as I type this...I can see this awful thing in a horror movie.

Aug 17, 2010

Haunted House season -- whoo hooo

Sunday myself and a few other people from the haunt met for a poster photo shoot for this years haunted house.  I started to go to help with make-up but ended up being one of the 'characters'.

When the photo is edited for the poster it will look a lot cleaner and really the point is to have our faces stand out.  Rusty, the bald guy in the middle is the mastermind behind this project, it's been his ideas/talent that have kept this haunted house open for 10yrs.

We officially open Friday September 24, 2010 and will remain open every Friday & Saturday thru October (with special nights Thursday October 28 and Sunday October 31).  Tickets are $12 and we will be running a special one night for $10 (I'll post which night that is later).

If you or anyone you know would like to volunteer as a 'monster' in the haunted house, please let me know. Whether it's 1 night or all 14 nights, the more people, the scarier we can be.

This year we'll be located at : 1250 Red Oak Flats Rd - Dahlonega, GA 30533

Aug 12, 2010

Come on Fall!

So what's new....well, it's still HOT. I'm remembering why I love Fall and early Spring so much better...soon though, we'll be in Fall and it will be beautiful. I love the way the air changes, the wind changes, the leaves turn colors, the entire process of Fall is so much more enjoyable to me than Spring/Summer. I mean I like to see things green but still...Fall is a lot more colorful - PLUS there's Halloween :)

Speaking of Halloween, we're trying to wrap up details on this years haunted house in Dahlonega. It will be my 3rd year volunteering but Rot N. Rusty's 10th year in production. I'm not quite sure what the theme will be for 2010 but we're hoping bigger, scarier...all the things that come with an awesome HAUNTED birthday. I just love volunteering for this. I've always loved haunted houses and scary movies so to finally play a character on the other side of the fence makes it rewarding. All of the volunteer's for Rot N. Rusty's donate their time and talents for FREE because all the proceeds from the haunted house go to a new charity every year. In the past because it's based in Dahlonega, we've dontated to the Lumpkin County Fire Department and Woodmen of the World. In 2009 we joined up with the Lumpking County Literacy Coalition. It's # 1 awesome to participate in something I already enjoy, #2 great to do it for a good cause. I will keep posting more details as the haunting seasons draws near so if ANYONE who reads my blog has the guts to come see me, can :)

FYI to people with Bermuda lawns

As some of you may know, I work for King GREEN lawn care. Although I mainly deal with accounts receivable/collections, I also help with customer service. Within the past two weeks we've been bombarded with phone calls about armyworms. The armyworm is the caterpillar stage of a moth that primarily feeds on bermuda turfgrass. They appear when temperatures are dry and warm and are not as active during the day, but could still be visible to the naked eye if the lawn has a bad enough infestation. Sometimes if there are many armyworms in the lawn, the grass will appar to 'move'. Armyworms range from 1/2" - 1.5" in length and start off light green with stripes on their side and they darken as they age. One way to see if your lawn has armyworms is to mix 1/2oz dish soap with 1 gallon of water and pour it onto a section of your lawn, this soapy mix will draw the armyworms to the surface of the grass.

It is highly recommended that you treat your lawn with an insecticide, such as Sevin. While established bermuda lawns will not be 'killed' by armyworms, it can turn the lawn brown. Once the armyworms are gone the lawn will recover in approx 2-3 weeks. Newly sodded lawns will most likely suffer much worse. If you don't have a lawn care company and are interested in treating it yourself, you can purchase 'Sevin' at Home Depot and/or Lowe's and apply it to the lawn. It's recommended not to mow the lawn for 2-3 days after the application.

Lastly, it is possible the armyworms could return if the weather persists and if your neighbor(s) have armyworms but don't do anything about them.

Aug 9, 2010

Pro's & Con's of summer


-Flip flops
-Visiting the ocean
-Summer concerts
-Extended periods of daylight
-Enjoying ice cream on a hot day
-Every thing is green and/or in bloom
-Enjoying a fountain coke on a hot day


-BUGS - yea I listed it twice
-Hot temps
-High humidity
-High power bills
-Weather uncertainty
-Getting in a blazing hot car
-Not being able to enjoy anything outside
-Waking up a million times throughout the night because it's hot
-Working ever day of summer while every one in the education field is off
-Wanting to go to a concert but not enjoying yourself because you stick to the seat
-Standing up after sitting for a long time and learn your pants are drenched in sweat

I am MORE than ready for Fall and will probably thoroughly enjoy Winter this year as well.

Aug 8, 2010

Sharing the bed

Hardy and I are used to Flower and Tinker Bell sleeping ON TOP of the comforter at our feet/between our legs but last night, our cat with the most personality - - Tinker Bell decided she wanted to lay between us and UNDER the covers.

Exhibit A:

"Puuurrrr Z Z Z Z z z z z Z Z Z"

Exhibit B:
I imagine the caption would be something like...
"I'm not moving...nope no way"

Aug 6, 2010

Don't throw your towel on the floor...

Not because it will get dirty...
Not because it's damp...

But because, Tinker Bell might find a way to wrap herself in it...

Aug 4, 2010

Visit with the Riley's

When Hardy went to college in Orlando 01-02 for Recording Arts, he became good friends with one of his class/labmates and they've kept in touch over the years. As time has gone on, I've always heard about Josh's girlfriends but only ever 'talked' to one - Lindsay. She and Josh have been apart for quite some time now but she and I have managed to carry on our friendship for nearly 5yrs by internet and telephone. She's now married with a two year old and pregnant with another due in March 2011. For years now we've talked about maybe meeting eachother 1/2 way as she and her husband, Zach, live in Pennsylvania, but we never actually have. We never had the money or already took too much time off work...etc etc. Finally Zach and Lindsay had the opportunity to make a trip down here this past weekend.

They arrived around 12pm on Sunday so we snacked on some foods to please our appetites. It was so great introducing ourselves and getting to know one another. Before they had arrived, Hardy and I agreed it would be best to have them stay at the house with us since they've already spent so much money on gas to get here and go back. As 'thanks' for our hospitality they bought tickets for us to go to Medieval Times on Sunday night. We went a little early so we could walk around Discover Mills, I guess its few and far between these days when I actually go places in Gwinnett County and I honestly felt like a minority walking around that mall (so did our guests). I'm not saying it's a bad thing but there were so few 'americans' it was weird. Dinner was fabulous (as it always is at Medieval Times) and the show was cheesey but that's ok - - our Knight won! When we got home we played a couple rounds of Scene It? Box Office Smash for XBOX (I won both and then headed to bed.

Monday we all got up and decided we were going to the Georgia Aquarium, on our way we decided to stop and grab a bite to eat at Steak & Shake (can you believe they don't have those in Pennsylvania?!!) which was AS ALWAYS sooo yummie. I order the Fresco Melt every time I go. After the aquarium we headed BACK home, lounged around the house for a while and then went to Red Lobster for dinner (courtesy of Zach and Lindsay which was sooo sooo good). We went home and watched a little TV then to bed we went.

Tuesday, Lindsay and I went to see Eclipse (it was my 3rd time but her 1st). The guys stayed back and played video games the entire time we were gone. That evening, Hardy and I were treated with Lindsay's homemade Chicken parmesan for dinner. I can't even begin to describe HOW DELICIOUS it was - but it was, lol. We played a few more games of Scene It? on XBOX and then they packed their truck and headed home. I always hated that we didn't live close to begin with, but now that we've had a chance to meet and interact in person the distance is a lot harder to handle. Even our husbands got along well. I hope that sometime in the next year or so we can go visit them in PA or we can all manage to meet in the middle and have a mini-vacation again.