Sep 24, 2011

Change of pace

I'm most certainly insane now.  The haunted house opens on Friday 9/30 and it still feels like so many things still HAVE to be done.  We got our coupons in this week and I went last night to set up a small display at the Spirit Halloween store in Buford.  If you have a business or know of a business that would allow us to hang a poster and/or set out some coupons, please let me know!!

We're having dress rehearsal tonight, this is where we make sure all of the positions are filled, costumes are good and we try to get a real idea of how many volunteers we have this season.  The sad part is we always seem to have a great turn out for Ghoul Skool and Dress Rehearsal, but after the haunted house opens...our numbers dwindle.  I hope this year we have a group that's committed, or that they at least don't promise something they cannot keep.

TONIGHT after Dress Rehearsal, Hardy and I are going to Wild Bill's (hold your horses, we aren't club-goers or partiers lol), we're going to see Stryper.  Apparently Wild Bill's is becoming a new venue for many bands to play lately. 

Many of you may not even know who Styper is, well they're a CHRISTIAN glam metal band from the 80's.  They're actual the first Christian rock band to be recognized in "mainstream" music.  They have sold over 10 million albums worldwide and surprisingly most of those who purchase their music do not even claim to be Christian. 

With songs like To Hell With The Devil, Soldiers Under Command, Honestly and Together Forever...their lyrics are heartfelt and without a doubt, spiritual.

Here is a video of one of their more recent performances of To Hell With The Devil

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