Jun 10, 2012

What a great weekend!

Friday night we went out to eat with Hardy's family to a place called Houndstooth in Braselton and it was delicious! Really pretty atmosphere and everyone's food was yummy (not that I tried all of it haha).

Saturday my mom, stepdad and younger brother came for a visit. They brought the crib my aunt let us have and we spent the day shopping. I got a really cute pair of black leggings from Target, scored three maternity tops from Goodwill in Buford (thanks to my mom for picking them out because on the rack they didn't appeal to me, but on they did). We also hit up JCPenny and found some shorts and capris. I'm really disappointed more department stores don't carry maternity clothes (and I mean more than two racks worth). JCPenny had a decent collection though and I think I'm all stocked up for summer! Thank you mom :)

We did check out Kid to kid in Buford and the store is really cute. They had a ton of gently worn clothes for babies and kids as well as maternity. All decently priced from why I browsed through. Unfortunately I didn't find any suitable clothes for me there...I've come to find I prefer the full belly panel on maternity pants, not just the wide waistband. The wide waistband makes me look like I have a muffin top, not like I'm pregnant. JCPenny was perfect because they had full panel shorts and capris.

We ended the day with some hot Krispy Kreme donuts.

Sunday I enjoyed a pedicure :). We got gift cards from work a while back for Administrative Professionals Day and I finally put it to use.

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