Jun 11, 2012

The BEST feeling ever...

...is feeling your baby kick
Before becoming pregnant, and even before I was far enough along to feel it, I always wondered what baby kicks felt like.  Some books and websites say the first "flutters" are like butterflies in your tummy or popcorn popping.  I never had many flutters and I think it's because of the position of the placenta (anterior - which I read means it's on the front wall of your uterus, so until baby is big enough, the movements/kicks are cushioned).  Still my best description (other than popcorn popping, cause I like that one) is muscle spasms, obviously not as fast as an actual muscle twitch, but along the same concept.  I've been feeling Persephone kick for almost a month now.  Each day they become more frequent and obvious and I LOVE IT.  
A little over a week ago Hardy was actually able to feel her kick and this weekend I could see my belly jump from one.  I've still got a looooong way to go, but I am truly loving these little movements and never want them to stop.  The kicks are like a little reminder that there IS a baby in there.  I want to keep sharing it with people, but it never happens at convenient times for us grown ups.

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