Oct 23, 2013

Kinsey Family Farm

Saturday October 12th our friends Susan and Jason tagged along with us to The Kinsey Family Farm in Gainesville, GA.  It's FREE to visit and on beautiful land.  I had never been there, but seen pictures from friends and thought it would be fun.  They had a few animals you could feed/pet (3 cows, geese, a horse and I think a mini horse or pony...what's the difference??).  Persephone wasn't interested in the goats so much or the cows, I think because they kept mooooing.  But when Hardy put her on the ground she walked right up to the fence where the pony was. 

I wish we had bought some food before going over there because once the animals figured out we didn't have any treats they were over us.  Ha ha.  I think this will certainly be a tradition each year.

We did manage to find three pumpkins to our liking and let Persephone pick a little $0.50 one too.  I think we'll definitely visit the farm again.  We elected not to do the hayride because she was sleepy and I knew she wouldn't sit still long enough.

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