Oct 25, 2013

Carving pumpkins

Last night I decided it was time to carve our pumpkins from Kinsey Family Farm.  I wasn't going to waste any money on a stencil, so Hardy and I just free handed them.

To begin with Persephone was having fun.  She even helped us put the seeds in a bowl so we could bake them later.  Eventually she became fussy (cutting tooth #2) and I had to finish the pumpkins while Hardy kept her company.

The bigger pumpkin was only $11 and the smaller was $3 at the farm - I thought not too shabby for as perfectly shaped they were.

Notice the giant butcher knife just a foot away from the baby....we're trying to teach her young about horror movie weapons ha ha ha.

My pumpkin was supposed to be your average jack-o-lantern and while I was trying to shave off some excess around the nose I butchered it...no pun intended.  So now my poor pumpkin has a ginormous nose.

Hardy opted to give his pumpkin spiked teeth....not too bad actually.

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