Dec 18, 2013


Today a few co-workers and I started talking about old toys we played with as kids.  We went crazy on Google Images trying to find photos of some of our forgotten favorites.  Here are a few of mine!

Magic Nursery Dolls
You could get a baby

or a pet!

You would I think wet their hospital gown under warm water and it would unveil a plastic package with their clothes inside.  So clever.

The ORIGINAL Polly Pocket
(back when she was a legit chocking hazard)
 My awesome mom (have I mentioned that before) saved many of our favorite childhood items and over the recent years gave them to my brother and I to hang on to.  She saved ALL of my Polly Pockets (even though this photo isn't my collection, but it's similar).

My First Sony

I wore this tape player/recorder OUT.  I could sing along to tapes or record my own radio show - it was the best.  I have no idea where it is now, probably was thrown away some years ago.  Last I remember seeing it, the door was off :(

Puppy Surprise!
 Another amazingly awesome toy.  I had the black/white dog with three pups.

Playskool Dollhouse
This was my ALL TIME most played with toy I believe.  
When I got tired of using the plastic family, I moved in a plethora of plastic animal toys instead. 

Lil Miss Mermaid
She sang underwater, it was the neatest thing!  
I think they actually knocked off The Little Mermaid, because her 
song sounded just like Ariel.

The ORIGINAL Littlest Pet Shop
I had a bunch of these, but I actually still have all of the animals
included in this photo.

I now realize I got this toy only because it was popular.
My tamagotchi died all.the.time.

Skip it
I don't remember my highest skip count, but looking back
it kind of felt like a kid version of a ball and chain.

Wanted one because of Home Alone 2, but didn't want it bad enough.

God these things were/are hideous.  Why were they such a hit?

I don't know if I actually had one of these when I was younger.  
But my baby blanket (which I still have) has Popples on it.  
I think Hardy's mom got me one for Christmas one year in like 2004?!  haha.

Toby Terrier
He was a lot similar to Teddy Ruxpin? 
Only he was a dog and you aimed him at the TV while playing
one of his VHS tapes.  He would respond by barking, growling and
wagging his tail.

Barbie Corvette
I totes magoats loved this car.
I even tried riding in it when I was too big for it, but it still served a purpose.

So tell me friends...did you have/play with any of these gems?
What were your favorite childhood toys?

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