Apr 2, 2014

Days of the Dead - Atlanta

I thought for sure after having Persephone I would still be on top of my blogging, turns out that's not true.  Between not having much of anything to report and that I've turned into a book worm in the last year, I just haven't devoted any time to it.   I'm back now!

In 2013, Hardy, a friend of mine from work and myself went to Days of the Dead in Atlanta at the Sheraton downtown.  We went because Ace Frehley from KISS was appearing.  Hardy and Pamela definitely wanted to meet him and get an autograph.  We also met a few other famous actors/actresses from the horror/sci fi genre.

When they began announcing guests for the 2014 we were just as easily excited to go.  Dee Snider from Twisted Sister, Twiggy Ramirez from Marilyn Manson, Roddy Piper, Don Jamieson from That Metal Show on VH1 Classic, Stephen Pearcy from RATT, Dee Wallace (actress from E.T., The Howling, Cujo, Critters and many more).  Like the previous year, we chose to only attend on Saturday which was $25 + the cost of any purchases you made.  This time, my younger brother Trevor tagged along with Hardy and I.  The trade show (which is one of my favorite features) showcased a lot of really cool businesses/artists/collectors with items for sale.  We bought a sign for my mom to hang in the garage with appropriate, yet inappropriate language, a few books which we got signed by the authors who were there.

We had a fantastic time and can't wait to hear who's on the roster for 2015!

So here are a few photo's from our adventure that day

My first experience was meeting Dee Wallace.  She was so sweet and adorably cute!
And she looks almost exactly the same.

Next up, Hardy met with Twiggy Ramirez who is the guitarist/bassist for Marilyn Manson.
Like every one we met that day, he was so cordial and probably
would have talked to us all day long if we had lingered around his table.

Then...Dee Snider of Twisted Sister! Super friendly.

One of the first people the convention announced as a guest was Damien Echols.  You may have read about him in a previous post I wrote a few years Injustice (if you haven't, definitely take a look).  I was so excited to get the opportunity to hear him speak/meet him.  As the convention drew closer though we realized we didn't have the money to meet every.single.person.  I had no idea luck was on my heels that day.  After we ate lunch, I was waiting on Hardy to run to the restroom.  As I stood next to the elevators I noticed Damien and his wife Lorri sitting in some chairs watching TV.  I was so nervous, more nervous than I was for any of the famous people we had met that day, let alone in my lifetime.  I approached them, explained that I followed his story and was so happy to see they had been released from prison regardless of the Alford plea they had to agree to (basically the plea allows the three men to claim their innocence, but they aren't dropped from the previous charges.)  Damien then asked if I was going to sit in on his panel and I explained I couldn't.  He pulled out a business card of his and signed it for me.  I shook his hand and told he and his wife what a pleasure it was to meet them.  Before getting on the elevator I asked to take a photo with him and he happily obliged.  Of course when men take a photo, they never do a great job and this is what I ended up with (THANKS A LOT HARDY).

Here is the business card he gave me

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