Apr 4, 2014

Trip to Great Granny & Grandpa Jones

Hardy's paternal grandparents live in Young Harris, GA.  It's not extremely far, but we have to go up/over the mountain past Helen so it makes for a hellacious ride.  I get horribly car sick if I'm not the one driving sometimes, especially during stop and go traffic and mountain roads - I.will.vomit.  Unfortunately over the years, we only made the trip to their house during Christmas.  This year I made a promise to his Granny that we would make a better effort to visit more often. 

Occasionally I send them emails with pictures of Persephone and what she's been up to lately.  His Granny is always so sweet and responds with joy.

On Saturday March 22nd, we made our first "non holiday" trip.  We got up there around 12:45pm and had a delicious home cooked lunch.  Afterward, Granny, Hardy, Persephone and I went outside exploring.  Persephone loves to walk and check things out, so being on their property was like a gold mine to her.

She enjoyed checking out the flowers, sitting on old lawn mowers and tractors, playing in their bird bath..etc.

These two are like peas and carrots

Hardy's grandparents built their house themselves.  It is quite an amazing structure shaped like an octagon and it's three stories, with a small crows nest at the very top.  Just before we were preparing to leave, Hardy and his grandparents took Persephone up the crows nest to look out the window.  Unfortunately, as Persephone hugged a stuffed animal his Granny had up there, she was stung by a wasp!!!!  I was sitting on the couch in the living room and heard her crying, then they all came tromping downstairs.  She wasn't screaming bloody murder, but certainly wasn't a happy camper.

His Granny raced to break a piece of an aloe plant off so we could rub it on her sting.  At first we weren't sure where it got her.  I thought her hand was swollen, so we rubbed it there first.  It wasn't until I changed her diaper 5min later that I found it got her right on the rib cage (bad momma....her hand was just chubby like it normally is).  His Granny got another piece off her aloe plant and we rubbed it on there.  It was like magic, within 20 minutes the horrible sting had shrunk to a barely visible "pimple like" bump.  I was of course wondering if she was allergic, freaking out how soon we would see the signs of it.  Lucky for us (and her) she wasn't.  Once the initial reaction wore off, she was acting like her usual chipper self.  His grandparents were sweet enough to send us home with our own potted aloe plant for any other occassions we may need it.  They swore that the aloe helped all kinds of skin ailments.  Cuts, stings, scratches, burns...the list goes on.  I must say, it certainly worked it's magic on the wasp sting because by the next day you couldn't even tell it happened.

She enjoyed her visit with her great grandparents just as they loved her company.  We will definitely be making a trip back up there soon!  Hoping for no more wasp encounters of course.

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