Apr 28, 2014

Family Photos!

In 2012 Hardy and I tagged along with his family to visit the Unclaimed Baggage place in Alabama.  During our visit, his sister snagged a pretty awesome deal on a Canon camera.  It takes beautiful photos.  I asked her to take our family photos last August and since Persephone has changed so much I asked her to take some more this weekend.  I'm so happy with the results.  We choose to do outdoor photos because the scenery is perfect and the lighting isn't something you could recreate no matter how advanced you are.  You may have already seen these on Facebook and/or Instagram so don't feel like you have to scroll through them again.

Here are some of my favorites from this Saturday!

Her dress came from Cracker Barrel

She loved pointing and looking at the horse (this one was named Driggs)
But she wasn't so sure about petting him

The only way we got her to get near this tub was to beat on it.

Using it as a drum....

We took the photos on a farm across the street from Hardy's parents church in Gillsville.  The family there was so kind and generous to allow us to use their property.  In this photo you can see we're actually sitting on pieces of an oak tree the gentleman had made, as well as the table.  It was so neat.  Looking at the photo though, I almost look like an outcast, I could easily be cut out of the photo hahaha.

I absolutely love the smile she gets with her Daddy

LOVE love LOVE!!

Pointing at the chickens that pecked her just moments before.

How cool is this antique tractor?  Made of cast iron.
I googled it and it's worth close to $500 brand new.

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