May 5, 2014

Wedding Season

I've been at King GREEN for10yrs this year.  Through this decade, I've gained several friends I'm so blessed to have.  One of them is Jennifer, the daughter of Charlie King (owner of King Green).  Her boyfriend, now husband has also worked here for a number of years.  Jen has always been so kindhearted and open minded.  Although she's business savvy she still makes time to cut up with us and more importantly she hasn't fired me for my antics hahaha.  Frank can turn a rough day upside down in a heartbeat.  He's so full of comedy and life he can make work a lot of fun.

Saturday was Jen & Frank's wedding at Montaluce in Dahlonega.  Can I just say GORGEOUS!!  I didn't take any pictures of the outside of the venue, because I'm an here's one I snagged from a Google search.


I'm totes jealous of their was an 18x24 personalized with leaves for all the guests to sign.
Such an awesome idea!

Not the greatest picture quality...

The ceremony took place outside on a small dock on the lake.  It was absolutely perfect.  The sun, the couldn't have been any more serene.  We didn't even have to walk to the ceremony, they had complimentary shuttle service to take us down the hill to the lake.  Just to the right of our seats were the vineyards. 

Sadly, Jennifer's mother passed away last summer.  While she wasn't present in body, I'm most certain she was present in spirit.  I started taking pictures of the sun setting behind an oak tree during the ceremony and these weird lights started showing up.  In the first photo, there's an obvious pink/red oval shape, it disappeared after the first picture.  But if you look close at all three of these there's what to me looks like a cross and/or angel shape in light red.  I could be making it up in my head, but it makes me feel better thinking of it as Barbara, Jennifer's mother.

Do you see it?  Do you see anything? Am I crazy?

The first kiss :)

I absolutely love their faces in this picture.
Such happiness.

Who's this ugly chick with my husband?

One of my FAVORITE things about this day was the display dedicated to Barbara.
Jennifer got her wedding dress out of storage, steamed it 
and had it on display along with some photos from her parents wedding day 
and a few family photos/mementos.

The dress was absolutely gorgeous and looked like it belonged at Montaluce.

The day really couldn't have been more perfect.  After the ceremony we all went inside for hors d'oeurves and champagne - the couple also had a delicious "signature" cocktail.  All I remember is that included Patron infused with hibiscus - it was very tasty.  For dinner we had salmon and beef spare rib with goat cheese mashed potatoes, shrimp 'n grits and asparagus.

I want to once more wish Jen & Frank a lifetime of happiness, love and hope.
Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Jorge!!

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