May 18, 2014

Back to good!

I was listening to a 90's station on iHeart and heard Matchbox 20's "Back to Good", I love this song.  Anywho, it reminded me that I haven't given an update on how Persephone is feeling.

She fell ill last Wednesday the 7th and it wasn't until a week later did we notice her personality shine again.


5/7/14 We picked her up from daycare, she was whiney, lethargic and hot.  We took her temp and it was 99.5.

5/8/14 She stayed home with my brother as this was still a daycare "trial" week, still lethargic, not really eating and fever hanging in the 99's.  That evening we took her temp and it had risen to 101 despite OTC fever reducers.

5/9/14 Took her to pediatrician, diagnosed with ear infection, prescribed amoxicillin for 10 days.

5/10/14 Horrible runny nose, lots of drool, horrible attitude, very irritable lol.  Fever is gone.

5/11/14 Still had runny nose, drool, attitude problem - noticed she has molars coming in on top AND bottom.  Looking back we were hit with a double whammy - 2yr molars AND an ear infection.  Give us a break.

5/12/14 Hardy stayed home with her, she started acting a little better, but now has wet cough.

5/13/14 We decide to let her go back to day care since she's acting a little better, and has no fever.  Still has wet cough.

5/14/14 I decide to take her back to pediatrician since the cough is persistent new development.  Ear infection is actually worse than on Friday, but still stationary in the one ear.  Doctor decides to prescribe omnicef to clear it up.

5/15/14 Baby is NORMAL.  Very little snot and she's happy.  OMG SHE'S HAPPY AGAIN.

She was like a cat/dog refusing medicine.  She can kick pretty good, my mom described her as an ox.  I think she has a neck like an owl as it can rotate 360 degrees.  She clenches her teeth and/or bites down on the syringe.  She's very good at getting medicine all over us and everything else except in her mouth.  Maybe it was the amoxicillin that made her demeanor change??  She still fights us a little with the new antibiotic, but she's acting normal so it's much easier to administer since we aren't already at wits end.

Now I sigh with relief, except I can't breathe because I caught the cold that caused her all this trouble.


Did anyone else feel when their first born got sick they were close to killing your spouse?!?

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