May 10, 2014

Germs are bad...mmmkay

Although having Persephone at home for the first 1.5yrs of her life was what we preferred, I think we were also a little spoiled.  She hasn't been exposed to many toxins, germs..etc.  This week though - we were met with a mean fever and a very lethargic little girl.  This week we left her attend day care on Monday and Wednesday - a test run of sorts to make sure she can adjust.

Wednesday when we picked her up from day care, she was cheery, but a little warm.  I thought maybe they had just been outside to play recently.  After dinner that night we took her temperature and were surprised to see it at 99.5  We administered Tylenol and took her temp again about 30 mins later and it was 99.1.  We put her to bed and hoped nothing would come of it.

Aside from her being extra lazy and a little irritable, she had no other symptoms.  Thursday morning when she woke up, she was still noticeably warm.  We took her temp again and it was 99.9 so I gave her some Motrin (since we're supposed to rotate between that and Tylenol).  I text Michael and asked him to stop and get some pedialyte on his way over.  He stayed to watch her, said she was sweet and cuddly, but still not herself.  She barely ate lunch, but she was drinking juice pretty steadily.

When we got home, we tried giving her a pb&j and some chips for dinner.  She pecked at it like a bird, but was still drinking pedialyte so we weren't terribly concerned.  She made a helluva dent in a chocolate chip cookie.  At this point, if we can get her to eat anything that's good enough for us.  We decided to take her outside for a little bit just to get some fresh air.  She livened up slightly - enjoying an evening swing and stroll around the block in her buggy. 

We gave her a bath and immediately after she went back to cranky-I-don't-feel-good-at-all-baby.  We felt so helpless (and still do).  She's NEVER been sick.  She's had a couple of teething battles, but nothing like this.  We gave her Motrin and got her ready for bed, right before taking her upstairs her temperature read 100.3!  Wah!?!

Based on a Google search, physicians only get concerned when the temp is 102+.  Since she still didn't have any other symptoms than being lazy, I tried to remain calm.  Overnight last night she started coughing real short abrupt coughs.  We also noticed her nose had ran.  Hardy cuddled with her while I got ready for work.  We gave her Tylenol and checked her temp right before leaving for work and it was 102!!! 

I called the pediatrician as soon as they opened and thankfully they were able to get her in at 9am.  After a quick examination and description of her ailments, the doc decided she had an ear infection.  She didn't even bother swabbing her to check for strep. 

We got a prescription of amoxicillin to take 2x day for 10 days, and she stated if strep did develop this is the same antibiotic they use to clear it up anyway.  Wish us luck that she starts feeling better soon!

Seriously, I know kids get sick for all sorts of reasons all the time, some repeatedly.  But since this is her first real bout with sickness, Hardy and I are going a little insane.

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