May 27, 2014

What goes around...stays around?!

I hope you all like listening to stuff on repeat.

As mentioned in a previous post, Persephone got her very first ear infection the week before Mother's Day.  After almost 5 days of trying to administer amoxicillin to a wild cat, we took her BACK to the pediatrician.  They switched her to omnicef for another 10 days and it seemed like immediately she improved.  She finished her omnicef on Friday 5/23.

This past Saturday 5/24 while Mimi & Pops were visiting she was in a perfectly good and playful mood.  We were confident our sweet girl was back. 

Out of nowhere after her bath that night she turned back into the ragdoll we were introduced to 2 weeks ago.  She ran another low grade fever, her eyes were pitiful and she just laid in our laps.  I gave her some Motrin and we put her to bed. 

The next day she continued to run a low grade fever, but had moments of being happy and then moments of being cranky just like last time.  We gave her a bath and put her to bed at about 11:00pm she was still wide awake talking to me, playing with my phone...talking to the cats and the ceiling fan.  I gave her some benadryl and put her back to bed.  She eventually fell asleep, but still managed a 6:30am wake up hahahaha.

I had been having symptoms of a cold for the last 2 weeks, but never went to the doctor.  I get tired of wasting my co-pay for them to tell me it's allergies and to just take an OTC medicine.  After having more coughing fits Sat/Sun I opted to go to the doctor.

I went ahead and brought Persephone with me to the closest Walgreens Healthcare Clinic because her pediatrician was closed for the holiday (and Walgreens charges the same amount as your regular physicians co-pay).  I ended up getting diagnosed with sinusitis and an ear infection in each ear.  When she looked at Persephone, she said her ears (specifically the one with the prior infection) wasn't "angry" and the omnicef had obviously done it's job.  When she looked down her throat though, she said her tonsils were touching so she diagnosed her with tonsillitis.  This would explain the fever, lack of appetite and overall unhappiness.  Since we both agreed amoxcillin was a bad idea to try and repeat and since she had just finished omnicef the nurse opted to go with azithromycin to try and knock out the tonsillitis.

I was glad to hear her ears weren't the issue, but who hears "tonsillitis" these days?  All I ever hear about is strep...strep...step...ear infection...flu.  You get the point.  Apparently strep IS a form of tonsillitis, so I think they just automatically resort to calling it strep.  Persephone didn't have the white spots or other common physical symptoms so she didn't swab her for it and explained the azithromycin would help even if it were strep.

The nurse did explain something I never knew though....children's eustachian tube is horizontal and as they get older it slowly starts to point downard so the fluid drains better.  That's why its not as common for adults to get ear infections as it is children.  ::insert irony since I have one::.

When I was a baby I got sick often so they yanked my tonsils and adenoids before I was 2 or 3yrs old.  I really haven't gotten sick much since then - certainly not with ear infections.  The occasional sinus infection or bronchitis during spring/fall.

We went ahead and sent her to school today since she hadn't had a fever in over 24hrs and has overall been acting normal.  She loves daycare, so if we can get her damn immune system operating at 1,000,000% we'll be good to go.

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