Jun 3, 2014

Walt Disney World fans unite!

Some find Disney annoying.  I feel sorry for those people.

We love.it.all.  Every last drop.

During one of our trips several years ago we purchased this soundtrack because we were borderline obsessed and wanted to be able to "feel" Disney even when we weren't there.

When we returned last fall, we bought the updated version of the soundtrack.

But I just happened upon an ultimate Disney lovers gem:

It's powered by Live365.com (online streaming radio)

You can listen to this station for free, but they have the option to sign up as VIP.
I assume VIP gives you adfree streaming, but also supports the stations.

So if you're like us and recite the entire soundtrack to The Haunted Mansion ride

This is the most magical station ever.  Pun intended.
Their track list is from old and new Disney attractions!

They play entire ride soundtracks.
Theme park music.
Parade tunes.
Welcome songs.

If you seriously love WDW...this will be a radio station you can't refuse.

Disclaimer: This station will make you want to book your next trip to WDW ASAP!!

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