Jun 16, 2014

First Boat Ride!

This weekend we hung out with some friends on the lake! 

We got to take a nice ride on their pontoon, enjoyed some sandwiches and a couple of swims.  We weren't sure how Persephone would take to the boat since she'd never been on one, but she LOVED IT.  She also LOVED swimming in the lake.

I was worried about the life jacket getting on her nerves, but she wore it like a trooper.  In fact, she's wanted to put it on a few times just laying around the house...guess that's a good thing!  Here are some photos of our trip :)

She LOVED swimming, as usual

With her pal Olivia

Word up
Swimming in the lake (aka treading water) is quite tiring.
When you're in a pool you can stand...in a lake not so much.
I can see why so many people drown.

Someone fought a nap 

Olivia was so sweet to Persephone the entire day.  
She even gave her a tricycle that she used when she was younger.

It was a PERFECT fit :)

Can't wait to go back and enjoy the lake again soon

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