Jun 5, 2014

Congratulations Grad!

Last week my younger brother Trevor graduated high school.  
It feels like just yesterday he was a toddler watching Toy Story and playing with his Thomas the Tank set.  He was my little buddy (except for when I had friends over, then he was annoying hahaha.)

He was adorably cute and so so smart.

I was so proud of him, I used him in my 5th grade prop photo!

Now he's still smart (a smart-ass mostly) and a handsome young man.  
He's enrolled at University of Alabama @ Birmingham and plans to go into the medical field.  
He's been talking about Oncology since our grandmother passed away in 2011 from leukemia.

I know it will be a hard task to accomplish.  
I'm hoping he will apply himself more than he did the last few years of high school.  
He has the brains, he just needs to get his common sense up to par.

Here's a photo of the graduate:

and his Advanced Academic Diploma with Distinction

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