Jun 7, 2014

Thriving at K.O.C.!

Miss Persephone has been in day care for a month and LOVES IT.

On occasion she gets fussy when we drop her off, but she usually stops once we're out of her line of vision.  She enjoys the teachers and loves being around other kids her age (or not). 

I think she's also a pretty good artist...I mean take a look at her coloring skills:

 On occasion we get these cute pieces of art

Throughout the summer the daycare is also hosting a camp for non-daycare children.  They have planned a theme for several days each week.  Last week ago they had Hawaiian Day, which I forgot all about, but luckily had dressed her in a onesie with whales on it so she sort of matched. 

Every Friday is "water play".  She missed it last week because we were in Alabama, but she had A BLAST yesterday. She loves bath time, loves to swim so I was not surprised to see her enjoying her time yesterday at daycare.

Here are some photos her sweet teacher(s) caught of her!

I think she might have been one of the only toddlers with a bathing suit hahaha. 

I can't wait to see photos for the upcoming theme days.  I know she's gonna love Frozen day.

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