Jun 9, 2014

The Great Outdoors

Guess who loves to be outside?  It's not me.  It doesn't matter if Persephone's swinging, kicking a ball, walking (or running away), playing with puppies, water or bubbles.  When she's outside, she's happy.  As a result, I have to endure things I wouldn't normally subject myself to, because I'm just too lazy to be in the sun.

Last weekend when we were in Alabama for Trevor's graduation she had the best time playing in Mimi & Pops' back yard.  Here are some cute shots of this fun time.

Playing badminton with Daddy

Being a goofball

"Giddy up horsey"
She also enjoyed this adorable pool from her Uncle Michael and Aunt Kris Kris

There are also a lot of dogs in our neighborhood and Persephone 
enjoys hanging out with them on occasion. 

 Here she is with her friend, Riley.

It's so sweet to hear her call out to them in excitement.  
All of them are "puppy" except one. 
 She's been able to remember the name of a sweet Boxer named Bowie.

Guess I'll need to get over my issue with sweating A.S.A.P.

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