May 9, 2014

Day care

So as many of you may (or may not) know, we have been so beyond blessed to have my older brother, Michael as our in-home babysitter.  Every morning for the last year and a half he's come to our house and watched our little girl.  But, the older she gets, the more stimulation she needs, the more interaction with other children she craves.  No one is a stranger in her eyes.  She loves to wave "hi" and approach people regardless of their appearance.  Of course we'll teach her she can't love every stranger, but for now we're always in her presence and it's innocent.

I have been researching child care centers for a couple of months.  I stumbled upon Kids of Covenant which is based inside of Covenant Connections Church in Flowery Branch.

They have a smaller classroom ratio than most day care centers.  I called and spoke to the director, then took a tour one afternoon and felt pretty confident this is where she would be most comfortable.  I know I could have toured other centers, but the prices weren't much different and I liked the idea of her going from 1 on 1 to 1 on 8 maximum.

She was scheduled to start Monday June 2nd, but the more I thought about it, the more I figured she probably needed a trial run to make sure it would work out.  This week, we signed her up for Monday/Wednesday/Friday and still have Michael fill in on Tue/Thur.  ***We're horrible parents and didn't even take a pic of her at her school....boooo we lost 10pts.

Monday we handed her to one of the teachers and she went without a hitch.  She was cheerful, excited to see the toys and other kids and didn't even notice we left.  I think I called to check on her 4 times.  The first update was wonderful.  They said she was being so sweet to everyone and even sang "Let it Go" a few times.  They have a daily "report card" where they let the parents know how many diapers were changed, activities, playtime, songs, nap time and what they ate.  I love this!

Wednesday she wasn't very happy.  In fact, Hardy left me to pass her over alone because she was upset.  I know the benefits of her attending day care will far outweigh those tearful moments. 

Looking back though, she was kind of off on Wednesday and I'm wondering if that was the start of her being sick :(

Wednesday evening is when we first noticed her fever....FIRST FEVER EVER!!!  First sick baby post to come this weekend.

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