Dec 12, 2012

2012 Christmas Card

This year I finally did a photo card for Christmas! I figured since we have a baby and all it might be a cute idea :)

The day before Thanksgiving my mom and I did a mini photo shoot of Persephone in our living room. We put on one of the sweet dresses Rachael passed to me, propped her up on our ottoman and I started snapping pictures. My mom has an iPhone 4S and I was so surprised at how well it took photos. I still have my measly ole 3GS.

I mailed off 33 cards on Monday...that's the most I've ever done! Insane!

Here's the card :)

I know she could have had a headband and we could have tried for a family photo, but I loved this picture and figured we may not get close to recreating it so I picked it!

I ordered the cards from they have been having amazing deals lately 75% off or $0.49 cards...etc etc. So I got 34 cards for $20.00 and to have personalized cards for that cheap I was impressed. I will definitely use them again.

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