Dec 27, 2012

Cutie patootie

I'm sure every parent naturally believes their child/children is/are the most BEAUTIFUL.
So with that...I totally think Persephone is - duh!

Hello big eyes
I know their eyes can change at any time, but hers have been blue since day one. 
As of now there isn't a speck of brown.

Right now these floor mats are her favorite toy. 
I call them gardens because the one I got at my baby shower was
called a garden since it had flowers all over it. 
For Christmas she got two more, but she loves them!
Tell me you don't smile when you see this face and I'll call you a liar

She has the BEST facial expressions..
I think she gets those from me :)

Drool DROOL Drool

So sweet...

Christmas at Mimi's

You see this...this is my pup Hanna

We like to sit ear to ear

My Mom discovered that Persephone likes to be shirtless, and she does.
Although she doesn't mind clothes, she's just as happy with a diaper only.
If you notice she has a bracelet on her wrist and ankle.  Those are the coolest things
One of them rattles and the other makes crinkle noises!

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