Nov 21, 2011

24 Days of Thanks (Day 19)

This post is late....whoopsie!!
I am thankful for my KIA Forte
Hardy and I are both on our 2nd KIA's.  We both owned '07 KIA Sportage's, I traded mine in for a Forte in Feb 2010 and he traded his in July 2010 for a SOUL.  The Forte is better on gas than any other vehicle I've ever owned and I have owned a few.  It has amazing MPG on long distance trips.  The SOUL is cute and comfortable to drive, but sucks on gas...literally. 
They're very reliable cars (from what we've experienced) and thankfully low maintenance.  I would recommend a KIA to anyone who ever asked for my opinion.  Not to mention they offer the 10yr/100,000mi warranty - how could you turn that down?

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