Nov 5, 2011

24 Days of Thanks (Day 4 & 5)

I am thankful for my job.

Although I may get frustrated and feel overwhelmed, I appreciate my position.  Calling collections isn't easy, especially in todays economy, but it's my job and it helps pay the bills.  I have been with King GREEN since March 2004 and am so grateful they've kept me over the years!

I am thankful for my twi-friends.

If you've read my blog before, you may be aware I'm a Twilight fan.  I loved the books and the movies are just a part of the package :)  .  In 2009, my BFFLADYFI (best friend for life and don't you forget it) Tabitha tagged along with me on an overnight parking lot trip to Mall of Georgia so I could purchase a $30 tshirt and get a wristband to a cast event for New Moon.  None of my Twilight friends at the time wanted to camp out, nor did they want to attend the cast event, so Tabitha was a great friend and did both.  We got to meet Edi Gathegi (who plays Laurent) and Jamie Campbell Bower (who plays Caius), while we didn't get to take any photos, they did autograph posters for us and were very nice.

About a week ago, I found out that they were doing another cast tour for promo for Breaking Dawn due out November 18th.  Tabitha being the trooper she is said she would tag along with me if I couldn't find anyone else.  Her cousin, Megan is also a Twilight fan, but a little more reserved about it :)  I mentioned it to her and she immediately confirmed she would be my date (thanks Megan).  At 1am this morning, we got in line on the sidewalk at The Buckhead Theatre with our chairs and blankets and remained there until 10:15am after we got our passes for this years event. 

On Monday November 7th, they'll be having a red carpet event at the theater, those with passes will get to attend inside.  They're having a mini-reception, mini-concert featuring Christina Perri (one of the artists on the Breaking Dawn soundtrack) and immediately following a Q & A with Ashley Greene (Alice), Nikki Reed (Rosalie), Jackson Rathbone (Jasper) and Peter Facinelli (Carlisle).  Actors are subject to change, but I'm happy with the line up we've originally been given. 

The event is a "celebration of the upcoming wedding" of Edward and Bella so party attire is recommended :)   I cannot wait until Monday!!


  1. So much to be thankful for! I need to learn how to appreciate my job more and stop thinking about the negatives that it can bring. Thanks for the small reminder.

  2. It's very very hard Jess. There are many things that trigger stress at work, but truth is...if I didn't have the job, I wouldn't be able to do all of these things I like. It's a love/hate relationship, but certainly don't let the stress of your job get you down!!