Nov 8, 2011

24 Days of Thanks (Day 8)

I am thankful for the time I had with my grandmother.
Although I may not mention her every day or even weekly, I think of her often and miss her terribly.  In just the 8mos she's been gone, things haven't been the same.  I am happy to know she's no longer suffering, but it's hard not to feel selfish and want her back.  I can't look at a bird, hear a country song or even eat broccoli and cheese casserole without thinking of her. 
I took the time I had with her for granted and I regret it every day.  My mom always reminded me to call her and talk to her, wish her Happy Birthday...etc.  Of course I always would when reminded, but I regret not doing it on my own and more frequently.  I miss you Grandmother.

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