Nov 24, 2011

24 Days of Thanks (Day 24)

I am thankful for the freedom to be a Christian.

Not every one agrees with it and not every one likes it, but too bad, I.AM.A.CHRISTIAN.  I belive in God and I have faith in him.  I may not talk about it on a daily basis, or make religious posts on Facebook frequently, but that doesn't make me any less of a Christian than the next person.  I am so glad I met Hardy and began attending church regularly when I visited him.  I was finally shown compassion in church (I have had some not so great experiences in church).  It's easy to be misguided in any religion and it's our job to know right from wrong and make sure we put our feet on the right path and walk with Christ.

We will never be perfect, but striving to be right isn't so bad, is it?

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