Nov 9, 2011

Breaking Dawn Cast & Concert Tour 11/7/11

Megan and I left work at 2pm on Monday so we could run home, get dolled up and then head to Buckhead hoping to beat rush hour. 
We arrived at 4pm and immediately lined up along the barricades so we could see the red carpet action.  
Unfortunately, the spot we chose for the red carpet was directly behind the press booth,
so most of our view was obstructed during the whole red carpet part. 
The event was "supposed" to start at 5:30, but that came and went. 
Nearly an hour later, we were finally seeing the stars walk down the red carpet.
First up was singer/songwriter Christina Perri.  She had a hit earlier this year called Jar of Hearts,
but she's also featured on the Breaking Dawn Part 1 soundtrack with a beautiful song titled A Thousand Years (its Edwards point of view on his love for Bella). 
She had a tag along, I didn't recognize him, but from what other people were shouting, he was a winner on The Voice?!?  Javier or something like that....IDK
Second was Nikki Reed (aka Rosalie Hale) and Charlie Bewley (aka Demetri from the Volturi). 
Peter Facinelli (Carlisle Cullen) was originally listed in the line up, but I  guess something came up,
so they replaced him with Charlie which was fine with us because he was a cutie and very kind to the fans. 
Nikki was very graceful and sweet, I think she's one of the few in Hollywood that hasn't let the fame get to her head. 
Third was Jackson Rathbone (aka Jasper Hale), umm so HAWT!  Robert Pattinson might very well have some competition. 
I've thought Jackson was cute, but in person it's an entirely different story, he's so so so HANDSOME! 
After doing a few interviews, he was kind enough to hop over the press barricade to get closer to the group of us who were behind the press box. 
Here is a screenshot of a video from 11Alive, they caught the exact moment he signed my Otterbox
He signed autographs and took photos with fans and we were all so grateful. 
He's a true gentleman too, very cordial and friendly.
Fourth was Ashley Greene (aka Alice Cullen), from my view, there was nothing special. 
I didn't hear her respond to the fans cheering or anything...she may have, but my eyes and ears never caught it. 
So I didn't take home a very nice impression of her. 
Once the red carpet was over, we went inside and rushed to find some chairs because our feet were KILLING us. 
They decorated the lobby of The Buckhead Theatre to match that of the wedding. 
A lot of white and was beautiful.  We snacked on candied apples and mini red velvet cupcakes. 
There were some sandwich's floating around somewhere, but we never found them :(.  
The best part about this entire event was that EVERYTHING WAS FREE.  Drinks free, food free, activities, FREE.  
They had a temporary tattoo booth, make-up booth, two photo booths and a few of the dresses on display from the wedding in Breaking Dawn Part 1. 
We eventually made our way into the auditorium, only to be disappointed there were NO seats.  We were going to have to stand again all.night.long. 
To some that might not be anything and in flat shoes or bare feet standing would have been a breeze. 
They had a big movie screen shuffling the many trailers for Breaking Dawn Part 1 and  they showed some behind the scene clips/interviews. 
By 7:45 our feet just couldn't hack it anymore, even after taking our shoes off for a while and then putting them back on it was awful!! 
We elected to ditch early and head home.  We did not see Christina Perri perform (3 songs) nor did we see the Q & A with the cast, but that's ok.  We had our fun on the red carpet and just taking in the scenery of how the theatre was decorated.  A wonderful experience, I'm glad I was able to participate.

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  1. Wow, lucky you! Sounds like an amazing experience. The candied apples look so yummy. I was surprised Ashley wasn't more responsive to the fans. Maybe she was having a bad day. :)